Now available: The Ploughshares Monitor, Winter 2007


The Ploughshares Monitor

Winter 2007, volume 28, no. 4

Uganda–Lord’s Resistance Army peace negotiations: Addressing dead ends in a maze
John Siebert
The complexity that confronts negotiators at the peace talks in Juba.

Canadian engines power Chinese military aircraft
Kenneth Epps
Pratt and Whitney turboshaft engines are powering the Z-10 Zhisheng attack helicopter.

Twenty years of Ploughshares’ Armed Conficts Report: 1987-2007
Grant Birks
The development and impact of the ACR.

Balancing security and politics in Darfur
Emily Alexander
Peace talks and international troops work to bring peace and security to Darfur.

Nuclear disarmament or nuclear ambivalence?
Ernie Regehr
Analysis of
Global Public Opinion on Nuclear Weapons, a survey of six key states commissioned by The Simons Foundation of Vancouver.

Canada hosts international meeting on small arms transfer principles
Kenneth Epps
A successful meeting in Geneva in August.

Failed states and the limits to force: The challenge of Afghanistan
Ernie Regehr
From a presentation given at the launch of the new North-South Institute publication
Fragile States or Failing Development?

The Independent Panel on Canada’s Future Role in Afghanistan
John Siebert
NGOs encourage the Manley Panel to explore more than its four mandated options.

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