FEMA’s allegedly toxic mobile homes

A couple weeks ago, I had posted about the issue of FEMA trailers containing formaldehyde about which Shelly Bluejay Pierce had written for the Native American Times. Recently, Shelly was interviewed by Allison St. John (KBPS San Diego public radio) about the units heading into the area for fire victims. If you go to this link:


then click on the top button that says “listen” you will be able to hear the blurb that covers the formaldehyde questions in the mobile homes.

FEMA today installed the first of about a dozen mobile homes assigned to San Diego County fire victims on the La Jolla and Rincon Indian reservations. But continued reports say those mobile homes have high levels of toxic formaldehyde, like many of the trailers distributed after Hurricane Katrina. KPBS reporter Alison St John has more.

A class action lawsuit is ongoing on behalf of hundreds of Katrina victims who say they suffer health problems from living in travel trailers provided by FEMA.

FEMA officials say they are not assigning trailers to fire victims in San Diego County, they’re bringing in full size mobile homes.

But Shelly Bluejay Pierce, who writes for the largest independent Native American paper in the country, the Native American Times, says testing done for the lawsuit shows the mobile homes may also be a health risk.

Read rest of this KPBS piece and Shelly’s comments here: KPBS News


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