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The Housing Not War Declaration

I/we support the demand that the federal government implement a Housing Not War strategy. Canada is at war in Afghanistan. Homelessness remains a national disaster in Canada. Canadian troops should come home, and funding directed towards war and militarism should go towards housing and other peaceful purposes.

As homelessness worsens in Canada, the federal government can no longer justify spending untold billions of dollars on war. We call for the 1% solution – an additional 1% of the federal budget to be allocated towards social housing. This would bring spending to $4 billion per year.

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Dowloadable PDF files:
A Call for Action: Declare – Housing Not War
Declaration petition form for individuals.
Declaration form for organizations.

The Toronto Disaster Relief Committee (TDRC) and the Canadian Peace Alliance (CPA) are asking individuals and organizations to sign the attached declaration stating that they want the Federal government to fund a HOUSING NOT WAR strategy. The Federal government will allot 8.5% ($18.2 billion) of its budget in 2007-2008 to the military. Money is now flowing towards the military at a rate 69% higher than 10 years ago.

This increased military spending comes during Canada’s worst housing crisis since the Great Depression. At present only 1% ($2 billion) of the federal budget is devoted to housing and supports. We propose the 1% solution: the housing budget should be increased by 1% to 2% ($4 billion) of the federal budget, doubling it. People’s lives depend on this important shift in priority.

We are asking individuals and organizations to endorse the Housing Not War Declaration. We will also strategize to get city councils and mayors across Canada to do the same. We will need your help.

Read more here:
Toronto Disaster Relief Committee [TDRC]


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