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SPP Watch

SPP WATCH makes the links between daily news items, new government initiatives and the ongoing Security and Prosperity Partnership talks between Canada, Mexico and the United States. As well as regular SPP updates, we will continue to post new reports, interviews and multimedia presentations critical of what is sometimes called the “deep integration” of North America. The site is updated regularly so visit often.

Here’s what went up on Integrate This! in the past week:

Access to info request yields Stockwell Day’s North American Forum speech; Feds spend $55,000 on “private” gathering
December 14, 2007
Posted by
Stuart Trew
An access to information request by blogger Joe Kuchta has finally yielded Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day’s speech to the secret North American Forum in Banff Springs, which took place from September 12 to 14, 2006. (more…)

Pro-integration network says more input needed into SPP
December 13, 2007
Posted by
Stuart Trew
More proof that the Montebello Summit alienated more people than it endeared to the Security and Prosperity Partnership comes from a new survey done by the North American Forum on Integration. (more…)

The race to deliver tar sands oil is intensifying
December 13, 2007
Posted by Brent Patterson

The Security and Prosperity Partnership oil sands workshop report from January 24-25, 2006 states that, “It will be necessary to look at options and plan for a smooth transition towards bitumen production that could be as high as 5 million barrels per day as was envisioned by the Oil Sands Technology Roadmap.” This fivefold expansion in current production levels, “will represent many challenges for the pipeline industry,” says the report. (more…)

CBC doc “Crude Awakening” explores SPP link to tar sands
December 13, 2007
Posted by Brent Patterson

There was an excellent 24-minute feature report on the tar sands by Darrow MacIntyre on CBC’s The National yesterday evening. You can watch the video online by clicking here. (more…)

Harper’s private sector escort in Bali to boost tar sands production by 25 per cent
December 12, 2007
Posted by Brent Patterson

The Globe and Mail reported today that EnCana, “Canada’s biggest independent oil and gas producer,” intends to boost its tar sands production next year by 25 per cent to about 34,000 barrels a day. It is enormously telling of the Harper government’s priorities (and modus operandi) that EnCana was also one of three corporations to join the Prime Minister’s delegation to the Bali climate conference this week. (more…)

Amnesty International’s open letter to Stockwell Day on one-year anniversary of Arar Commission
December 12, 2007
Amnesty International has sent the following open letter to Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day, calling for the full implementation of the Arar Commission recommendations for a new approach to reviewing the security activities of the RCMP and five other federal departments and agencies. (more…)

Only 5 per cent of Canadians think foreign policy should be Washington-friendly, says poll
December 11, 2007
Posted by Brent Patterson

It was the 50th anniversary of former prime minister Lester B. Pearson’s Nobel prize this week. Pearson is credited with inventing the idea of peacekeeping to solve international crises. To commemorate the event, the Globe and Mail and CTV commissioned a poll from the Strategic Counsel on the public perception of Canada’s role in the world today. (more…)

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