Christmas in the Holy Land

As Christmas approaches, the land of Christ’s birth – where, for believers, he walked, preached, encouraged his followers to be ‘fishers of men’, for goodness and justice and where he died at the hands of the greedy and corrupt – is under siege. The residents of Gaza are being collectively punished for supporting a democratically elected government (a process so beloved by the freedom-and- democracy- spreaders- by-slaughter in Washington and Whitehall, but clearly the wrong kind of democrocy.They did not elect a corrupt quisling puppet.)The greedy and corrupt have been exiling and silently crucifying the Palestinian people for sixty years, in defiance of over forty UN resolutions. Aided, abbeted, armed with allegedly illegal weapons and weapons of mass destruction, by the bigest bully on the global block: the ‘land of the free’.Whilst people are jailed for holocaust denial, as the West witch hunts the very old under the banner of hunting Nazi war criminals, this silent sixty year holocaust, displacement, ghettoisation, home demolishing, infanticide, child killing, arrest without trial, disappearances, the dying of the sick at road blocks, the theft and erosion of ancient lands, olives and citrus groves, themdestruction of education, civil society continues unabated as the world watches on. Palestinians and Christians alike are spat at by those from illegal settlements – and spat out by an international community which stands by as all that is essential to life support for sick and civlian alike, is denied.The ‘ only democratic country in the Middle East’, flouting international law with impunity, stealing and squatting on the lands of others, is getting away with mass murder aided by its ‘Christian’ partners in crime on Capitol Hill and in Whitehall. Not even the fox is in charge of the henhouse – that would be a positive improvement.As these ‘Christians’ , go the church at Christmas and sing ‘Away in a manger ..’ and ‘Oh little town of Bethlehem ..’ will they reflect that the ‘little town’ and Manger Square’ is walled off, and as most of Palestine, ghettoised, families divided, tenderly tended agricutural lands, sustenance of generations of families, destroyed or unreachable? The olive leaves and olive branches, that potent, biblical symbol of peace and the receding of the great flood, lie broken,smashed, bulldozed, trampled.A metaphor for successive Israeli government’s morals. An eminent physician once told me that a handful of olives a day have every nutrient needed to sustain a life. Like Palestinian lives, they are trampled and meaningless to the occupiers, the modern day equivalent of the evil and corruption of the money lenders in the Temple, whose tables Christ overturned. Reflect what less than five years of American/Israeli occupation (oh yes it is) has done to Iraq. Consider what sixty years have done to Palestine.Give your biggest present to the people of Gaza this Christmas, remember them in your prayers, but praying is not enough. Organise, protest, marshall the media, contact your representatives and make your only New Year resolution to never rest until this illegal occupation and overt and covert carnage in the Holy Land ceases.

The details of where all can start, tangibly and right now, are below:

Appeal – Appeal – Appeal

We have a very series shortage of diesel in the ministry of Health
the majority of the 11 hospitals of MOH do suffer from a shortage of fuel, the same is for the 52 primary health care clinics and vehicles.
I am not speaking now about the consequences but they are catastrophic and include the transportation defect which will not enable the employees of the Ministry to go to their hospitals.
Please. We urge you to help us by applying any sort of pressure that could let the Israelis change their mind about this fatal action that would threaten the lives of thousands of civilians in the already under siege Gaza.
Dr Medhat Abbas
General Director of
Crisis Management Unit
Ministry of Health, Gaza.


Since Israeli government declared Gaza as “hostile entity” on 19th September 2007,Israel blocks delivery of essential medicines to Gaza Strip and doesn’t allow Palestinian patients to go outside of Gaza for urgent treatment.

The United Nations, The World Health Organisation and Physicians for Human Rights have condemned Israel for this situation, but Israeli government is still continuing its policy and Palestinian patients are slowly dying in front of the world.

All the victims of this humanitarian crisis are innocent civilians, and many of them are children. For example in 14th November 2007, 6 months old Palestinian baby Sina al-Hajj died because Israeli government didn’t allow her to cross Gaza border to get treatment.
Palestinian MP Jamal Al Khudari said now there are more than a thousand Palestinian patients in urgent need of treatment who are not allowed to leave Gaza.

Please sign this petition to call the United Nations and the Israeli government to allow the Palestinian patients having treatment outside of Gaza:
Canadian Arab Federation

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