Hamilton non-profit homecare on chopping block – info &protest

ACTIONUpdate: Ontario Health Coalition

Please forward to all your contacts in the area:
Protest on Wednesday January 16 at 7 pm
Michaelangelo Banquet Hall,
1555 Upper Ottawa, Hamilton
(South of the Lincoln Alexander Parkway) see map below.

Ask Premier McGuinty why he is wiping out over 100 years of non-profit home care
flyer and briefing note attached, please print & distribute

Taking the “care” out of homecare

Action we need from Dalton McGuinty’s government

Stop competitive bidding. Competitive bidding diverts tremendous resources from care into marketing, administration, profit-taking and redundancy.

Reverse the private for-profit delivery of homecare by building quality, local community-controlled, integrated non-profit delivery. Eight years of expanded for-profit care has brought no evidence of better care outcomes, but has created instability and removed resources from caregiving.

Repeal directives requiring the Community Care Access Centres to divest direct care and allow CCACs to hire direct care staff.

Fund homecare to meet population need for services, including supportive care to allow seniors to age in place and persons with disabilities or chronic illnesses to live in the community, and in-home respite for family caregivers.

Establish terms of employment that are equal to other health sectors. Respectful working conditions must include fair, equitable and standardized wages and benefits, pay equity, paid sick leave, pension benefits, employment security and guaranteed hours of work. Competitive bidding has contributed to staff shortages and incentives for workers to leave the sector for better working conditions. Continuity of care relies upon a stable workforce, which, in turn, depends upon respectful and just employment conditions.

Restore democratic community governance of homecare services.

Visit: http://www.web.net/ohc/LongTermCare.htm for more information!

Contact Dalton McGuinty and tell him to stop competitive bidding in homecare and restore non-profit homecare!
Fax: 416-325-3745


Ontario Health Coalition15 Gervais Drive Suite 305Toronto, ON  M3C 1Y8Phone: 416-441-2502

Fax: 416-441-4073






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