Integrate This! SPP Watch Update

SPP Watch

SPP WATCH makes the links between daily news items, new government initiatives and the ongoing Security and Prosperity Partnership talks between Canada, Mexico and the United States. As well as regular SPP updates, we will continue to post new reports, interviews and multimedia presentations critical of what is sometimes called the “deep integration” of North America. The site is updated regularly so visit often.

Here’s what went up on Integrate This! in the past week:

Group calls for major call-in day of action against the “new” security certificate law, Bill C-3
The Coalition Justice for Adil Charkaoui is calling for a national day of action TODAY (Friday, January 25) against the “new” security certificate law — against secret trials, deportation to torture, and a two-tiered justice system. (more…)

Council of Canadians plans Energy Day of Action on February 2
Canadians experience long, cold winter months. As the snow starts to fly, our thoughts turn to staying warm. To do that, we need energy to heat our homes. But right now, Canada does not have a national energy strategy that addresses where our energy comes from, where it is going, or the high price of environmental devastation that can come with producing it. (more…)

French government asks Washington to drop charges against Khadr as Pentagon refuses UN access to trial
Stephen Harper’s approval of the U.S. Military Commissions Act, under which Omar Khadr will be tried this May, is untenable. Despite our Prime Minister’s best efforts to prop up Bush’s kangaroo court for trying “illegal enemy combatants,” the case for bringing the Canadian citizen home for a fair trial grows stronger each day. (more…)

Poll finds Canadians reject enhanced driver’s licences as Privacy Commissioner releases discussion paper on identity issues
British Columbia will become the first province to offer an “enhanced driver’s licence” to Canadian citizens in that province to meet new U.S. security demands amidst widespread public concern with the new technology. Meanwhile, Canada’s Federal Privacy Commissioner has just released a discussion paper on identity and privacy issues to help Canadians understand the post-9/11 security environment.

Waging the war at home: The Manley Report
In October last year, Toronto Star columnist Thomas Walkom wrote that the members of Harper’s handpicked Independent Panel on Canada’s Future Role in Afghanistan proved that the war is not about Afghanistan, “It is about the U.S.” Four of the five appointees, “have been intimately involved with the problems of Canada-U.S. relations, and in particular with the campaign to convince Americans that Canada is not soft on terror,” he wrote. (more…)

Don’t set us up with the Server in the Sky
In a move that runs counter to recommendations by the Arar Commission, the RCMP is in discussions with the FBI and other state security agencies to set up an international database of biometric information on terrorist and criminal suspects. (more…)

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