MEDIA ADVISORY: Manley Report and Alliance demands for ‘Housing not War’


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MEDIA ADVISORY – For Immediate Release

January 25, 2008

Manley Report and Federal government oppose public while unprecedented alliance demands Housing Not War

John Manley, head of the Harper-appointed panel to study the government’s Afghan War, stated upon the release of its report: “we are a rich country, we’ve got to do some of this stuff”.

“Manley is not referring to the need for a national housing program to relieve the suffering and death of homeless people in a rich country like Canada,” said Beric German, Toronto Disaster Relief Committee (TDRC) co-founder. “Unlike the large majority of Canada’s public, he wants to keep fighting to support one side in a civil war in Afghanistan.”

Manley, who recommends continuing war and new resources to wage it, claims the war is unpopular because ordinary people do not understand it. “Ordinary people simply share decent priorities, which the government has been rejecting. It chooses to ignore the homelessness disaster directly afflicting 300 000 people, ignore available solutions, and instead waste resources on an endless war most of us oppose,” said Andrew Mindszenthy, TDRC Outreach Co-ordinator.

Malalai Joya, a woman elected to the Afghan parliament then kicked out for criticizing warlord parliamentarians and now living in constant danger, recently visited Canada. In Canada, she said, “people are homeless, they are poor, but not only do they [Canada’s government] not serve their people, but money is going” to support the warlords the NATO war props-up in Afghanistan – “not their innocent people”. 90% of Canadian funds for Afghanistan go to war, not reconstruction. “In Canada,” Joya said, “the government follows the footpath of the US, but the people are so great”.

112 diverse organizations and thousands of individuals are publicly demanding Housing Not War: an end to the Afghan war, and a redirection of funds from record-high military spending to peaceful purposes, including an extra 1% for housing. Daily, new supporters join the national campaign launched by TDRC and the Canadian Peace Alliance.

Canada’s skyrocketing military spending has reached $18.2B annually (the highest since WWII) versus only $2B on housing. The only industrialized country with no national housing program, Canada struggles through the worst housing crisis since the Great Depression.

Housing Not War declaration signers can be seen at



2 Responses to MEDIA ADVISORY: Manley Report and Alliance demands for ‘Housing not War’

  1. nbarrowman says:

    John Manley recently stated: “If Canadians really don’t want to do this [extend the Canadian military presence in Afghanistan beyond February 2009], well then that is something that has to be respected. But in the past, Canadians have shown a willingness to do things that were difficult and required sacrifice and were challenging.”

    Opinion polls show that about 60% of Canadians don’t want this. But Canadians may well support other goals that are difficult and require sacrifice and are challenging: like ensuring that decent housing is available.


  2. verbena19 says:

    I hope and think that you are right. Poverty in Canada is real, and it is our national shame. Before we spend atrocious amounts of taxpayers’ heard-earned money on wars to support warlords and drug-lords, our obligation is to provide affordable housing here at home and address the issue of dire poverty among our populace.


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