Toronto: Rally for Housing Not War! (Feb 7) and Endorse HNWCampaign


6 Trinity Square, Toronto, Ontario Canada M5G 1B1
Phone: 416-599-TDRC (8372) Fax: 416-599-5445
* <>* |

*HOUSING NOT WAR: **Rally & Press Conference*
*12:00 noon – Thursday, February 7, 2008*
*King & University* *Toronto*

At the Toronto office of Federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty, demand HOUSING NOT WAR:

Stop the Afghan War!

Shift funding from record-high military spending to peace – an extra 1% for housing!

The Federal government is choosing to fight a counter-insurgency war in Afghanistan, spending *$100 million per month* to fight a war a large majority of people in Canada don’t want. This is the Afghan War’s 7th year.

At home, a decade after *Canada’s ten largest cities declared homelessness a “national disaster”*, the government continues to ignore the solution: a national housing program. We are the only industrialized country without one. The government continues to ignore the 1% solution: an extra 1% of the budget for social housing (doubling funding to $4B). *300 000 people*experiencing homelessness every year doesn’t seem to mean much to them. Neglected, the disaster has only worsened* with more suffering and deaths.

Over the same decade, military spending has increased 69% to $18.2B or 8.5% of the budget. In constant dollars, it is the highest since WWII.

*The government cannot justify wasting billions on war while neglecting the housing crisis.*

Public pressure wins relief for people made homeless by government policies.

Public pressure kept us out of the Iraq War.

Since we launched just over 2 months ago, over *125 organizations and thousands of individuals* have joined together to demand Housing Not War. We have to build more pressure.

*At 12 noon on Thursday, February 7, 2008, rally at the Toronto office of Jim Flaherty, the Federal Finance Minister – demand Housing Not War!*

The rally and press conference will feature speakers and more – check out <> for details as they arrive.

For more info:


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