HarperIndex.ca, Feb. 4: Levant, Ezra – Pundit’s return to newsreminds voters of Conservatives’ extreme views

February 4, 2008

New at www.HarperIndex.ca:
Levant, Ezra – Pundit’s return to news reminds voters of Conservatives’ extreme views
Failed publisher and self-avowed “Stock-aholic” represents wing of party Harper keeps under wraps

Recent articles include:
Wheat board ultimatum sends another ominous message to public agencies

Buckler, Sandra: Former lobbyist is one of Harper’s top advisors http://www.harperindex.ca/ViewArticle.cfm?Ref=00131

Manley’s advice should be called the Ostrich Report, by James Laxer

Keen’s firing highlights safety and bully tactic concerns http://www.harperindex.ca/ViewArticle.cfm?Ref=00128


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