Brampton MPPs snub town hall, irate residents demand answers

Most of my GTA readers are likely aware of the problems we here in Brampton are having with our new P3 Brampton Civic Hospital and the closure of our Peel Memorial Hospital. This leaves our growing community which is fast approaching half a million residents with only one hospital that is operating at only 479 beds– and will not be up to the promised 608 until likely 2012, by which time our population will have increased even more. During last fall’s provincial election, the McGuinty government promised us that our old Peel Memorial will not be completely closed — it will be renovated and kept as a full service hospital with 112 beds. But at recent LHIN meetings we were informed that our old hospital is slated to be demolished, and there are no clear plans as to its future. This leaves Brampton residents in dire straits, severely lacking healthcare facilities. Understandably, Bramptonians are irate. We feel betrayed and demand answers, accountability and the re-opening of our old hospital. But our elected local MPPs hold us in such disdain that none of them bothered to show up at our two town hall meetings to at least answer our questions. (The lone MPP who attended last night was from Toronto.) To make a bad situation worse, there have been needless deaths and mishaps at the new hospital, which was downsized from the original plans, while the costs are going through the roof at our expense!

To her credit, Brampton-Springdale MP Ruby Dhalla attended our town hall last night and spoke in support of us and our Brampton Health Coalition which is the voice of Brampton’s residents.

My fellow Brampton Health Coalition members are unpaid volunteers. We simply want what we deserve: quality healthcare services for our city. We demand our politicians stop using our city as a testing ground for their schemes to privatize our healthcare.

This is what the Toronto Sun wrote about our town hall, “Only 1 MPP at protest”:

BRAMPTON — A continued snub by politicians of public meetings over Brampton’s controversial new hospital angered residents last night.

Only one MPP, Peter Tabuns of Toronto-Danforth, one MP, Ruby Dhalla of Brampton, and city councillor Vicky Dhillon responded to an invitation from the Brampton Health Coalition and Ontario Health Coalition (OHC).

“Local politicians refused to come to the October meeting, so we said we’d do it again,” Natalie Mehra, director of OHC, told 150 people at the Lester B. Pearson theatre in the Civic Centre at Queen St. E. and Central Parkway. “I’ve never seen a community meeting like this where the elected representatives do not come,” Mehra said as several people cried out “shameful.


Read rest of this Toronto Sun article here.

To learn more about this issue and P3 hospitals, go to:


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