Integrate This! SPP Watch Update

SPP Watch

SPP WATCH makes the links between daily news items, new government initiatives and the ongoing Security and Prosperity Partnership talks between Canada, Mexico and the United States. As well as regular SPP updates, we will continue to post new reports, interviews and multimedia presentations critical of what is sometimes called the “deep integration” of North America. The site is updated regularly so visit often.

Here’s what went up on Integrate This! in the past week:

U.S. professor rallies the political left on deep integration
Katherine Sciacchitano, a former labour lawyer and organizer who currently teaches at the National Labor College in Silver Spring, Maryland, has just published an insightful, in-depth critique of the Security and Prosperity Partnership from an American perspective in the January/February 2008 edition of Dollars & Sense: The Magazine of Economic Justice. (more…)

SPP becomes the model for air traveller surveillance
At the March 2007 Integrate This teach-in, Maude Barlow, national chairperson of the Council of Canadians, predicted that just as NAFTA served as a model for all future free-trade agreements, the Security and Prosperity Partnership would set a dangerous precedent for international security policies. (more…)

Liberals, Conservatives ignore Charter; cooperate on Bill C-3
As reported in this morning’s Globe and Mail, “The Conservatives and the Liberals joined forces last night in favour of new legislation on security certificates for terrorism suspects just before a Supreme Court deadline invalidates the old system later this month. (more…)

Arnie’s “green” chemicals proposal shames Montebello Agreement on toxics
Once again, the California state government of Arnold Schwarzenegger has stuck its neck out for the environment. Amidst federal movement toward a continental approach to toxics regulation — the so-called “Montebello Agreement” — California is exploring “a wholesale shift” in the way industry manufactures everything from prescription drugs to plastics, pesticides and household cleaners.

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