Brampton: CW LHIN Task Force Release – Update from Task Force Meeting – February 15, 2008

This latest Media Advisory update was sent out by the Central West LHIN Task Force regarding the fate of Brampton’s recently closed Peel Memorial Hospital.  Five options are being considered :

Media Advisory

for immediate release – February 15, 2008

Central West Local Health Integration Network Task Force

Update from Task Force Meeting – February 15, 2008

The Central West Local Health Integration Network (LHIN) Task Force held a meeting open to the public on Friday, February 15 to discuss the different options for possible future uses of the Peel Memorial campus. The meeting was held as part of the Central West Local Health Integration Network’s commitment to ensuring the community is engaged in discussions involving health care delivery in their region.

A comprehensive presentation to the Task Force from PricewaterhouseCoopers provided five different options for the Peel Memorial Campus. The options were developed following consultations with the community and health care delivery providers, analysis of population trends and various measurements of the health and use of health services by local residents and research on contemporary health service planning practices.

The presentation included a description and the pros and cons of five options.

Option 1 – a full service hospital, including an emergency department, large number of inpatient acute care beds, specialized facilities for surgery, diagnostic services, laboratories and more.

Option 2 – non-acute service facility, including complex continuing care beds, rehabilitation beds, specialized geriatric services, long-term care and supportive housing.

Option 3 – health service centre (similar to the Trillium Health Centre model): including urgent care, ambulatory care, surgical centre and primary care. Such a centre might include acute services including day surgery and dialysis, diagnostic services, primary health care, primary care teaching unit, outpatient services and chronic disease management.

Option 4 – health related services: including services provided by other agencies that support the determinations of health such as employment, literacy and immigration/refugee services. It could also include office space for a variety of health services providers and administrators.

Option 5 – a combination of options 2, 3 and 4.

To view the full presentation, please click here:

The Central West LHIN Task Force will make its recommendations based on these options at its next scheduled meeting on February 22. The Task Force is scheduled to present its report and recommendation to the Central West LHIN Board on February 27 on how best to use the site to meet the community’s health care needs. The LHIN will use that recommendation as part of its wider Health System Planning Project, which is currently underway.



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