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SPP Watch

SPP WATCH makes the links between daily news items, new government initiatives and the ongoing Security and Prosperity Partnership talks between Canada, Mexico and the United States. As well as regular SPP updates, we will continue to post new reports, interviews and multimedia presentations critical of what is sometimes called the “deep integration” of North America. The site is updated regularly so visit often.

Here’s what went up on Integrate This! in the past week:

Federal NDP proposes motion to disclose SPP working group activity to Parliament
On February 12, NDP Trade Critic Peter Julian tabled a motion in the House of Commons that would ensure Parliament was consulted on the activities of the more than 20 Security and Prosperity Partnership working groups currently harmonizing all manner of Canadian policies with U.S. standards.(more…)

Tar sands a toxic disaster, says Environmental Defence
Environmental Defence, a national organization that works with citizens, decision-makers and businesses on environmental issues, released a report today in Ottawa slamming the federal government for its inaction and indifference to Canadian laws designed to protect our health, safety and environment from large-scale industrial projects. (more…)

RCMP addicted to spying on anything that moves
As if we needed another reminder that the RCMP is ill-equipped to handle national security investigations, Privacy Commissioner Jennifer Stoddart released the results of an audit yesterday that slammed the police force’s exempt databases, which are bursting with information on the unlikeliest of people. (more…)

Model water act won’t float
While it’s refreshing to see the Globe and Mail call for regulation of interbasin freshwater removals, the Munk Centre’s Model Water Act touted in Monday’s editorial fails to explain how this may be achieved under our existing trade and constitutional arrangements. (more…)

Don’t buy the biofuel craze
Public pressure is forcing governments to get serious about environmental protection. One area of particular concern is the global economy’s reliance on dirty fossil fuels – a primary source of greenhouse gas emissions. With the phenomenon of “peak oil” looming in our near future, the race is on for cheap energy alternatives. (more…)

Senate renews security certificate by clearing Bill C-3
Late yesterday, the Senate cleared Bill C-3, an act to re-legislate the security certificate process, which was found to be unconstitutional a year ago by the Supreme Court.

An “Amero” for your thoughts? Canadian dollar, regulations a “barrier” to integration, says Woodrow Wilson Center report
When the National Post feels strongly about an issue it doesn’t hold back. There were three – count-em, three – op-eds in today’s paper advocating deeper North American integration, including the possibility of a common currency across the continent.

David Emerson: Our man in Afghanistan, or is that Washington?
If the Harper-appointed Manley panel stacked with pro-integration business types didn’t convince you that the Afghanistan mission is about trade rather than democracy then perhaps Stephen Harper’s new Cabinet Committee and Task Force will do the trick.

Walrus article attacks the continentalist climate criminals
Relying on the “Security and Prosperity Partnership” google news alert for updates is kind of like fishing. Sometimes you hook a prize-winner, like this article on the recent Mexican anti-NAFTA protests by Katie Kohlstedt, or a recent news hit on the NDP’s anti-SPP tour out of the University of Calgary’s Gauntlet magazine.

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