Group calls for an end to Afghanistan mission

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  Activists To “Stand Up For Canadians” at local MPs’ offices


  Group Calls for an end to the AAfghanistan mission


Friday March 7, 2008

Oakville, Ontario


Members and supporters of the newly-formed group Stop War Halton (SWH) will sing songs, read public declarations and present the facts during a tour of the local offices of MPs Turner, Brown and Wallace on Monday March 10. 


Joining forces with the campaign, SWH activists will drop in and ask MPs to vote against extending the mission in Afghanistan. People across the nation are standing with the clear majority of Canadians who want an end to Canada’s combat role. 


Visits to the MP offices are scheduled for:

          12 noon – Garth Turner in Milton

            1 PM    – Bonnie Brown in Oakville

           2 PM    – Mike Wallace in Burlington.   


Stop War Halton supports residents who want “Childcare not Warfare” and will ask MPs to represent the interests of their constituents. The national campaign calls on MPs to “Bring the troops home now” while SWH members point out that money being wasted on the war should be redirected to the real security needs of Canadians such as childcare, affordable housing, lower tuition fees and action on climate change.   


“It’s time to stand up for Canadians,” says organizer Brian Hopkins. “We cannot afford an endless war that continues to push aside the hopes and dreams of the peoples of   Afghanistan and Canada,” he adds. 


“Don’t extend it. End it” will be the central message delivered to the MP offices.




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