Video: Peace protesters confront Liberals Dion and Rae

Carrying signs: ‘Canada’s war in Afghanistan, don’t extend it, end it, bring the troops home now’, a group of anti-war activists lead by James Clark of the Toronto Coalition to Stop the War disrupted Liberal Bob Rae’s March 7 by-election rally at the St. Lawrence Market in Toronto. Just as Rae began his introduction of Stephane Dion, calling the opposition leader a ‘man of peace’, Clark asked his questions about why the Liberal leader is going along with Harper’s 2011 extension of the Afghan war. Clearly, Dion and Rae were uncomfortable, but the cameras focussed on James Clark kept rolling. Dion heard the message loud and clear, but walked away without a comment or answer.

Watch this YouTube video:

Anti-War Canadians confront Dion and Rae on Afghanistan War

Watch the video to hear how Dion and Rae respond to questions from protesters and reporters.

The vote in parliament is on Thursday, March 13.

Learn more at .

Halton activists visit MPs

Yesterday (Monday) some Halton activists visited the offices of MPs Turner, Brown and Wallace. They were politely received at two of the offices. At Burlington MP Mike Wallace’s office security guards were called in when they arrived. Look for coverage of these actions this week in the Milton Champion, Halton Compass, Oakville Beaver and Burlington Post.

Demonstrations this Saturday

Anti-war demonstrations will take place this Saturday in Mississauga and Toronto. For details visit and .

End the War Now!


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