Water for people, not profit

Water for people, not profit

Canada’s water systems are under growing pressure. The situation is even more critical in the global South. It’s time for action.

To mark World Water Day, send a message to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and your Member of Parliament at:


Canada must protect water resources from pollution and water systems from privatization. Action is needed to strengthen community water systems and ensure that everyone on the planet has access to taps and toilets.

Around the world, one in five people do not have access to safe drinking water. Canada must reverse its opposition to the right to water and join the growing number of countries formally recognizing that access to safe, clean drinking water is a fundamental right.

Take action today and make a difference for water in Canada and around the world.

A campaign of the Council of Canadians <http://www.canadians.org/> , the Canadian Union of Public Employees <http://www.cupe.ca/>, Oxfam Canada <http://www.oxfam.ca/> and the Polaris Institute <http://www.insidethebottle.org/


One Response to Water for people, not profit

  1. pointblankcreativelp says:

    Hey! Check out this video about privatization of water and the Victoria sewage treatment plant…


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