Weekly Grist: Al Gore announces candidacy…more

This news item comes from the Weekly Grist , an excellent site to which I subscribe for top environmental news from around the globe. It arrived in my inbox yesterday.  Check the site for more news:


With Gore Galore
Al Gore will run as Independent for president, Bloomberg tapped as veep

You might want to sit down for this: Al Gore has announced his candidacy for president. Wait, wait, don’t get up yet: Gore, a lifelong Democrat, will run as an Independent. He’s even announced his vice-prez pick: New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who only last week dodged rumors that he’d be Barack Obama’s second fiddle. But Bloomberg only has eyes for Dreamy Al. “This is a man who gets things done,” Bloomberg said. “We’re tired of waiting on Democrat and Republican bickering.” In a speech in Washington, D.C., on Tuesday morning, Gore listed climate change, foreign policy, and getting the economy out of the dumps as his top priorities. And he minced no words in deflecting skepticism about his chances. “With all due respect to Senators Clinton, Obama, and McCain,” he said, “what America needs is Al Gore.”


sources: The New York Times, Reuters, The Washington Post, Associated Press



Also Changes Name to DumbCar
General Motors buys SmartCar, shuts down plant

Yesterday, General Motors bought smart-‘n’-tiny SmartCar from Mercedes-Benz (itself a subsidiary of Daimler AG). And before we even had time to write it up, news emerged that GM has already shut down a SmartCar plant in Michigan. GM execs say they’re merely streamlining and no jobs will be lost — laid-off employees will be transitioned to elsewhere in the company. Activists, however, are skeptical of the motives of General Motors, which starred so unforgettably in the documentary Who Killed the Electric Car? Will the enviro-beloved, teeny-tiny Smart Fortwo, which just made its U.S. debut in January, meet the EV-1’s grisly end? Stay tuned.

sources: The Wall Street Journal, The Washington Post, Detroit Free Press


Where There’s a Will, There’s … Um, Just a Will
McCain wants to run White House on nuclear power

In a campaign speech at Mississippi State University Monday, John McCain declared that by the end of his potential presidency, the White House will be powered “entirely by renewable energy.” Is that so, John? And what kind of renewable energy might that be? “I will work hard to ensure that Americans are safe from terrorists, and I will conduct that work from a White House reliant on safe, clean, nuclear power produced right here in the United States,” McCain said. Really, words fail us.

sources: The Hill, The Reflector


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