Canada Health Act – Defend Medicare

April 8, 2008
Take a minute to urge your MP to defend the medicare system as Parliament prepares to hear the annual report on the Canada Health Act.
Please visit:
Every year these reports come out with huge gaps in information about how provinces are spending federal money on public health care.
And yet we know that the number of private clinics is growing
rapidly. We know that people are being charged for medically
necessary services.
It’s up to Parliament to enforce the law that guarantees Canadians equal access to public health care.
We need people to ask their MPs to ask questions in the house, to lobby the health minister, and to stand up for medicare, Canadians’ most cherished social program.
Please visit today for background on this campaign and other ways to get involved.

My E-rated blog

April 8, 2008

I was totally surprised, honoured and very pleased to see that I had been named among such company as Facing Autism in New Brunswick
and Another Point of View for an E award. Thanks, Debra! Much appreciated, and sorry it took so long for me to notice. (You know how technically-challenged I am…) ūüėČ

Rated E!Verbena-19
“A must read for human rights and social justice issues”, wrote April Reign about my blog.

Now it’s my turn to pass it on, but with so many excellent blogs from which to choose, it is difficult to narrow it down to just a few, otherwise it would take many days and all my blogroll (and some that I haven’t had time to put on there).

So here are just a few of the blogs that I admire and consider “E-rated”, in no particular order:

David Orchard Campaign for Canada
Although this is not a blog per se, David is a hardworking activist whose deep concern for Canada is truly admirable and deserving of daily visits and support.

Steve Anderson’s blog (on COA News)
Steve is an activist for democratic media and posts a font of news and information about the exploitation of Internet users by new media giants. A regular must-read for all of us in the ‘digital mediascape’.

Stevie Cameron’s blog
Stevie is one of the best Canadian investigative journalists, intrepidly uncovering sordid dealings within our government.

The Scott Ross
Scott writes with a keen insight about all things Canadian, especially politics and news that matters.

This is one of the most thought-provoking, compelling blogs about all things concerning human beings. Lots of great videos too!

Ceasefire Insider Blog
This is the blog for, a network of more than 15,000 Canadians who want Canada to become a force for peace, disarmament, and social justice in the world. Steven Staples is one of the writers. He is a great activist, author and a friend, writing lots of news and info from Ottawa.

Harper Valley
Scout’s blog is the most intelligently irreverent satire in the Canadian blogosphere. With her photoshop skills, she does amazing things to our country’s leaders, politicians, and every notable person on this planet. Her regular Famous Stupid People Contest series are in a class by themselves. No wonder this blog has won 4 Canadian Best Blog Awards! It’s a must read with my morning cup of java.

Global Voices Online
An excellent, novel aggregate of bloggers, citizen journalists, and independent voices from around the globe. The site is used to ‘amplify the global conversation online – shining light on places and people other media often ignore’. A great news and information source.

Gather the Women/Grassroots & Grace
Gather the Women is a gathering place for women and women’s organizations who share a belief that the time is now to activate the incredible power of women’s wisdom on a planetary scale. It is a place where new models of feminine collaboration are being born. Starting in 2006, GTW Congresses have taken place in Canada, Kenya & Australia. “Linked globally by our interactive website, we invite women to demonstrate their courage to risk leaving old conformities by joining with millions of others throughout the world to celebrate women’s true worth, to express shared concern for our human family, and to create and support actions that will enable humanity to live together in a balanced, harmonious and peaceful world.”

The Dominion (Dominion weblogs: news from the grassroots)
It is actually a collective of blogs of the Dominion: a monthly paper published by a network of independent journalists in Canada since May 2003. The blogs reflect the Dominion’s aims to provide accurate, critical coverage that is accountable to its readers and the subjects it tackles. Taking its name from Canada’s official status as both a colony and a colonial force, the Dominion examines politics, culture and daily life with a view to understanding the exercise of power. Dominion aims to not merely report that something is the case, but to examine why it is the case. By providing context to stories, and giving voice to perspectives that are marginalized and those most affected by events or decisions, the Dominion hopes to promote understanding through accurate, in-depth reporting. se aims. I subscribe to the online monthly news and visit the blogs featured on the main blog page regularly.

Canada’s water contaminated?

April 8, 2008

Canadians think that our drinking water is the safest in the world and associate unfit, contaminated water mostly with First Nations reserves. However, according to a new CMA report this is not true:

More than 1,700 boil-water advisories are in effect in communities across the country, according to a new investigative report by the Canadian Medical Association.

A boil-water advisory means that water is contaminated and unfit to drink without boiling. Often, the report says, a community’s chlorination or disinfection systems fail to work, leading to advisories.

Although boil-water advisories are often associated with native communities, 93 First Nations had advisories in place as of Feb. 29, 2008, while 1,766 advisories outside of these communities were in place in Canada at the end of the following month, the report said.

Read more here of this CBC story here: 1,775 boil-water advisories in Canada require action: report

Bill Moyers wins Ridenhour Courage Prize

April 8, 2008

Bill Moyers Accepts
Ridenhour Courage Prize

Bill Moyers is the recipient of the 2008 Ridenhour Courage Prize, given in recognition of his fierce embrace of the public interest, his advocacy of media pluralism, and the unyielding moral voice he has contributed to our national discourse.

“The job of trying to tell the truth about people whose job it is to hide the truth is almost as complicated and difficult as trying to hide it in the first place. We journalists are of course obliged to cover the news, but our deeper mission is to uncover the news that powerful people would prefer to keep hidden.”

Read the rest of Moyers’ speech.

I congratulate and applaud Bill Moyers, a man whom I have always held in highest regard for his decency, integrity and courage to ask questions others are afraid to ask — to seek and uncover truths others in the mainstream media refuse to do. He truly deserves this award. Way to go, Bill!