Bonnie Briggs remembers Toronto’s homeless

I met Bonnie Briggs briefly last summer at the Gladstone Hotel in Parkdale, Toronto, where we both attended an Ontario NDP event. Thus, it was especially gratifying to read that Bonnie was named ‘Local Hero’ in last Saturday’s Toronto Star.  Kudos to Bonnie!  She definitely deserves this recognition:

Apr 12, 2008 04:30 AM
Nancy J. White
Living Reporter

Who: Bonnie Briggs, 54.

What: The Homeless Memorial, a plaque and a website with the names of the more than 500 street people who have died in this city since 1985. A service is held at the memorial every month.

When: Briggs is a social activist who became involved with housing matters in 1987. She started working on The Homeless Memorial in 1996.

Where: Toronto’s mean streets. The plaque is at The Church of the Holy Trinity, 10 Trinity Square, by the Eaton Centre.


Read the rest of: She ensures the homeless are remembered.


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