Harper’s Tories kill CAIRS

Harper’s Conservatives touted accountability in order to dupe Canadians weary of Liberal scandals to vote for them in the last federal election. But once in power, the Tories did a shameless about-face, showing that they are even less accountable than their predecessors: from silencing party bureaucrats and MPs to the ‘in and out’ election scandal — and lots more, some of which we are still unaware… This latest, the dismantling of CAIRS, is another example of the present regime’s disdain for openness and indicates the direction our country is headed toward.

New Democrat Dawn Black is the lone politician to condemn the Tories for shutting down this system. Where are the other political parties’ voices?

Tories kill Information registry used to hold government accountable

OTTAWA – The federal Conservatives have quietly killed a giant information registry that was used by lawyers, academics, journalists and ordinary citizens to hold government accountable.

The registry, created in 1989, is an electronic list of every request filed to all federal departments and agencies under the Access to Information Act.

[… Read rest of this article here.]


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