More about Indigenous communities’ resistance to Barrick Gold / Goldcorp Inc. ASM

Communities from Australia, Papua New Guinea, Chile, and the U.S. will be speaking over the next month about their resistance to Toronto’s Barrick Gold, the world’s largest gold miner.

I had put up a previous post about this, but here is a bit more detail about the itinerary of the international aboriginal leaders. Also of interest are the Goldcorp events later in May in Toronto and Guatemala City. Many Canadian and American citizens are shareholders in Goldcorp Inc. The Canadian Pension Plan (CPP) has over $200,000,000 of investments in Goldcorp.

These events have already taken place:

Sunday, May 4th: Indigenous Voices Against Barrick. Our guest will make presentations, show short films, and answer questions about mining on thier land. Steelworkers Hall. 7-9pm. 25 Cecil. sponsored by Mining Watch Canada,, Mineral Policy Institute (AUS), Friends of the Earth (AUS) and Western Shoshone Defense Project (U.S.)

Tuesday, May 6th: Barrick shareholders meeting 10am, Rally to express your disapproval of Barrick’s conduct abroad and join voices calling for mandatory regulation to hold Canadian Mining Companies accountable. 250 Front Ave.

Wednesday, May 7th: Film Screening and Speakers. ‘Pascua Lama: a contemportary quest for El Dorado’ with film-maker Prof. Carolina Loyola-Garcia, writer Asad Ismi, and Indigenous guests. 6pm Steelworkers hall. 25 Cecil. sponsored by Toronto the Better, and the U of T Anthropology dept.

This event is taking place later today:

Thursday, May 8th: Photo exhibit ‘Someone Else’s Treasure: Barrick’s legacy in the Philippines, and Other Struggles Against Mining Expoitation’ Photo exhibit by Allan Cedillo Lissner 8pm Leonardo Galleries. 133 Avenue Road ( just south of Davenport). Part of the 2008 CONTACT Photography Festival.

For more information see


Also of interest is the Goldcorp event later in May …


On May 20, Goldcorp Inc. ( will hold its Annual Shareholder Meeting at 2:00pm: Le Royal Meridien, King Edward Hotel, Toronto, 37 King St. E, Toronto.

Building on our ‘Investing in Conflict’ speaking tour, and upon years of critical education and resistance work by groups in Central and North America, Rights Action – in conjunction with organizations and concerned citizens in Honduras, Guatemala and North America – is planning educational and activist events in Toronto and Guatemala, to coincide with Goldcorp’s Annual Shareholder Meeting.

Goldcorp Inc. operates mines throughout the Americas, including the ‘San Martin’ open pit, cyanide leaching gold mine, that has caused a health and environmental crisis in the Siria Valley, Honduras, and the ‘Marlin’ gold and silver open pit mine that is contributing to health and environmental harms in numerous Mayan communities of San Marcos, Guatemala. Both mines operate without community consent; they are depleting and contaminating vital water sources; they are contributing to repression and to community tensions and breakdown.

Unbeknownst to them, many USA and Canadian citizens are shareholders in Goldcorp Inc.

Example: The CPP (Canadian Pension Plan) has over $200,000,000 of investments in Goldcorp. Many other North American investment firms and pension funds are invested in Goldcorp (as well as in other mining, resource extraction and military production industries).

Is your organization/ community interested in planning your educational activities in the days leading up to May 20th and/or coordinating events and activities with Rights Action? Are you interested in organizing a group of people to join a mid-day peaceful information picket at the Le Royal Meridien, King Edward Hotel on May 20th?

For more information about activities being planned in Guatemala City, contact:

CONTACT:, 1-860-352-2448 .


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