“Sovereignty of the Haudenosaunee”, by Jacqueline House

The following about the sovereignty of the Haudenosaunee was written by Jacqueline House of Six Nations:

Sovereignty of the Haudenosaunee

May 28, 2008

Who gave permission for the Dominion of Canada and the United States to try and strip away the sovereignty of the Haudenosaunee?

Most people in Canada are truly uninformed when it comes to understanding why we, as the true First People of this Continent, are standing our ground so firmly. Many are simply unaware of the hardships we have endured to arrive at where we are today. As we stand at the crossroads of protecting what is rightfully inherent to us, we will either move forward in a good, healthy and constructive way or once again, loose our chance for a better tomorrow.

The average Canadian citizen does not clearly understand the millions, if not billions of dollars owed to just the On gwa hon weh in Canada alone! Payments for land lease agreements, mineral rights, and other such monies have never been paid by the Canadian government or companies involved. Though legally binding, these payments have been ignored. Continuing this illegal and immoral behavior ensures that all of the earnings from land development goes to the government and to the individual companies while none goes to the caretakers of this same land.

I want to share some of the history with you that I found meaningful:

Both Colonies have created illegal government bodies to do their dirty work of discriminating against the On gwa hon weh who are the True Title Holders of the Land. The “The Indian Act, The Tribal Council, B.I.A., Band Administration, and Indian Affairs,” are unconstitutional and serve as a breach of trust. In 1857, 1869, and 1876, the Indian Act aimed at assimilation through a “Divide and Conquer Policy.” This goes against everything within the Treaties of the Two Row Wampum and The Silver Covenant Chain.

The Treaties are the foundation created through respect for one another’s Nation. This unique relationship is meant to have an everlasting Peace, as it bounds our two separate societies together as we sail side by side each in our own vessels, with our own customs and laws for “As long as the grass grows, the sun shines, and the water flows.” This breach of Treaty Responsibilities and Obligations is a direct approach of assimilation.

Under International Law ~ Genocide is a Crime.

The Crime against Humanity goes against the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights adopted by the United Nations General Assembly December 1948 and what came into effect January 1951. The Convention and Punishment of the Crime of Genocide was ratified and became law in 1952 which states, “a crime against humanity is an act of persecution (discrimination) on any large scale of murders against a body of people, and is the highest level of criminal offense. Discrimination occurs when discriminatory practices are based on the place in which one’s ancestor’s lived.”

It was never litigated that our people had to live on reserves to keep our identity. It was created by Indian Affairs and the Dominion of Canada, in order to keep us isolated and under their orders. The Federal and Provincial governments are out of their jurisdiction where we are concerned, as “We never surrendered our rights or our identity to any government. Canada’s action against us is, total Genocide.”

Article II

“Any of the following act committed with intent to destroy, in whole or in part, a national, ethnical, race/religious group, as such”

a) killing members of a group

b) causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the group’

c) Deliberately inflicting on the group conditions of life calculated to bring about its physical destruction in whole or in part.

d) Impoverished measures intended to prevent births within the group

e) Forcibly transferring children of that group to another group

f) Involuntary sterilization of Native women

States Chris John, “You have a responsibility as a citizen of the world to know what your government is up to and resist (their) unlawful actions. The Crime of Genocide is covered up. Now it’s a double crime.”


a) Genocide

b) Conspiring to Commit Genocide

c) Sending in direct and public agitators to harm us

d) Attempt to commit Genocide with lies

e) Participate in committing to conspire against us

Article IV

Persons committing genocide or any of the other acts enumerated in Article III shall be punished whether they are constitutionally responsible rulers, public officials or private individuals.

We, as On gwa hon weh established our land prior to the Dominion of Canada and the United States stating their supreme authority over our lands. Our Forefathers laid a path for us through Treaties because of the need for mutual understanding and agreements that relate to Peace and Friendship, Military Alliance, Boundaries and Trade. We acquired our lands through our Military Alliance, which guarantees our Sovereignty through the protection of the Crown, establishing them through Peace. Our lands were never conquered by outsiders and we never consented to American or Canadian authority over our Territories, nor did we place our lands in trust with the United States or Canada Governments.

Historical Dates–

July 1751 ~ The last Conference with the Five Nations at Albany. When it comes to consenting, “they are too sensible of the consequences of it ever in their senses to consent.”

1784 ~ Canada’s first race riot occurred in Shelbourne and Birchtown, Nova Scotia.

In the early 18 and 1900’s, white settlers obtained land through trickery, seizure and force, created by the Dominion of Canada.

Zygmunt Baum, “Modern genocide is an element of social engineering, meant to bring out a law and order conforming to the design of the perfect society.” Canada’s solution regarding “Indian Problem” strategy of social engineering known as assimilation which began with 1857 Act.

Sir Duncan Campbell Scott serving as head of the Department of Indian Affairs during the development of the residential school system. “Our objective is to continue until there is not a single Indian in Canada that have been absorbed into the body politic, and there is no Indian problem. Residential schools were designed to take the Indian out of Indian.”

25, June 1969 ~ Announcement of the “Statement of the Government of Canada on Indian Policy, 1969” (the “white paper”) in the House of Commons by the Minister Jean Chrentien. The proposed changes included the repeal of the Indian Act, and at the end to the special relationship between the federal government and Indian people. Canadian government introduces but fails the White Paper. This paper was a further attempt at assimilation aimed at annihilating ‘nation’ status of First Nations.

· Assimilation through mission schools and bounty’s.

In a speech delivered shortly after tabling the White Paper in Parliament, Trudeau summarized his rational; “We can go on treating the Indians as having a special status. We can go on adding bricks of discrimination around the ghetto in which they live and at the same time perhaps helping them preserve certain cultural traits and certain ancestral rights or we can say you’re at a crossroads.”

Pointing & Gibbons

In March of 1959, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police was sent into Six Nations, which until 1924 had been completely self-governed. The police were there to evict “Iroquois” Chiefs and Clan Mother’ after traditionalists on the reserve seized control and, for all intents and purposes, declared the reserve separate from Canada.

1960 ~ Indians were declared “Citizens of Canada” to make sure that the Indians wouldn’t be able to go to an International Court and bring a charge against the Canadian Government.

Treaty Rights are clear in early treaties signed with the young United States government. Tribal Sovereignty has become a corner stone of American legal practice and at least on the face in national government procedures.

In concluding these thoughts, I wish to say this…

When an entity, whether a local municipality, province or Federal government announces to the masses of its citizens that they are “demanding that the Canadian military be called in to protect their interests against the Native people…” they are in fact, declaring war upon our People. We are sovereign Nations and when a military action is called upon us, it is an act of War.

We do not declare war upon the government of Canada or upon any sector thereof. However, we are not going to be pushed into Provincial Courts that have no jurisdiction over our Nations either. The time for all Canadian citizens to truly understand the history and legal positions of the Native nations here, so long withheld from them by the political leaderships, is long overdue.

Only in understanding the TRUTHS of these historic agreements and knowing who we are as a People will there be progress toward fair and equitable treatment for all people in Canada. The time for that is so very long over due,

Nya weh-


Jacqueline House

Cayuga- from Six Nations


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