Tomgram: Tom Engelhardt, Living in an Expeditionary World

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“E” for Expeditionary

One Man’s Online Journey through Bush’s Alphabet Soup

By Tom Engelhardt

The Internet teaches its own lessons, often painfully quickly. In April 2005, I followed an urge, as I often did in those days. Our President, who would soon claim to be spending his spare time absorbing meaty books like King Leopold’s Ghost, Lincoln: A Life of Purpose and Power, and Mao: The Unknown Story, was then largely known for reading The Pet Goat to schoolchildren while the 9/11 attacks were taking place and for being fond of The Very Hungry Caterpillar. So I took a plunge into humor and wrote a mock children’s ABC book that I dubbed “George’s Amazing Alphabet Book of the Contemporary World, or Al-Qaedas All Around.” I claimed that the manuscript, produced by George W. himself, had been leaked to my website by “a senior official in one of our intelligence agencies.”

Maybe it wasn’t Jon-Stewart-worthy, but I posted it anyway as my commentary of the week and thought no more about it until the first angry emails began appearing in the TomDispatch mail box. A number of readers claimed I had been “gulled.” I shoulda known! The President could never have written such a document! It had obviously been produced by the CIA! No, the Secret Service! No…

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  1. harpervalley says:

    hi annamarie! i came here looking for something on the apology speech…..just to note that only this story and the tomogram show up, so, don’t know what’s happening with your site.


  2. verbena19 says:

    I don’t know either, sis… guess maybe some people don’t like the posts i put up… ?
    my site has been acting very strange lately and so has my ‘puter…. hmmm,….


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