Statement from Kahentinetha Horn

Below is the statement issued by Kahentinetha Horn. This 67-year old grandmother and activist, along with the editor of Mohawk Nation News (MNN) were assaulted by Canadian border officials. Ms Horn suffered serious arterial damage and had to be hospitalized.

This brutal action by of Canada Customs officers makes Canada’s apology to our Aboriginal people ring all the more hollow and disingenuous.


STATEMENT–June 18, 2008

Kahnawake–Two Mohawk women were assaulted by Canada Customs officers on Saturday June 14, 2008 at 2 pm. at the Cornwall Island border in Akwesahsne. Mohawk rights-activist and elder Kahentinetha Horn, 67, suffered arterial damage during the assault and was hospitalized under guard. Also hurt in the incident was Mohawk Nation News (MNN) editor Katenies, who was held until Sunday and released. Charges against Ms. Horn were dropped. Ms. Horn was hospitalized in Cornwall until her release June 18. Charges against Katenies were dropped on Monday June 16. “I understand that our people are upset about this,” Ms. Horn said, after her release from hospital and under private care for her injuries. “I am concerned that the incident has upset my daughters and grandchildren. There’s no excuse for what they did to us.” The incident is under investigation. No other details are available at this time.



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