The Rising Price of Fuel – Toronto Public Forum

Pollution Probe will be hosting a Public Forum on The Rising Price of Fuel: What will it Mean for Consumers, the Auto Industry and the Environment?

When: Monday, June 23rd from 7 – 9 PM (refreshments at 6:30 PM)
Where: Delta Chelsea Hotel at 33 Gerrard St West, Toronto, Rossetti Room (Yonge and Dundas subway station)

Opening remarks will be from Bob Seguin, Assistant Deputy Minister, Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Trade and the Forum will be moderated by Michael Hlinka, Daily Business Reporter, CBC One’s Metro Morning.

Panel Presentations will be from David Greene, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; Ken Kurani, Institute of Transportation Studies, University of California; and Richard Cooper, Executive Director, J.D. Power and Associates Canada.

There is no admission fee and registration is not necessary.

For more information, please contact Rebecca Spring at or 416-926-1907 ext. 238.

Please pass this message on to your friends.

Thank you.

Jessica Fracassi, Communications & Membership Director
Ontario Clean Air Alliance
402-625 Church St, Toronto M4Y 2G1
Phone: 416-926-1907 ext. 245
Fax: 416-926-1601

The Ontario Clean Air Alliance is a diverse, multi-stakeholder coalition of approximately 90 organizations including cities, health associations, environmental and public interest groups, corporations, public utilities, unions, faith communities and individuals.  The OCAA’s short term goal is to achieve the complete phase out of Ontario’s four coal-fired power plants by 2010.  Our long term goal is to ensure that all of our electricity needs are met by ecologically sustainable renewable sources. Our partner organizations represent more than six million Ontarians.

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3 Responses to The Rising Price of Fuel – Toronto Public Forum

  1. texaslib says:

    Immigration Reform Effort
    Judge Order CCA Files Open

    Immigration Reform Effort (IRE) notes, with interest, the July, 2008, ruling by a Tennessee Chancery Court requiring CCA to “follow the state’s public records laws and open their files for public viewing.”

    IRE favors public disclosure of information relating to the public interest, including the administration and operation of private, for-profit prisons and detention centers on the behalf of our government.

    It is in the interest of such public disclosure that IRE is sponsoring a public forum on the T Don Hutto facility, September 24, in Georgetown, Texas. Invited panelists include:

    Barbara Hines, clinical professor of law and director of the Immigration Clinic at The University of Texas School of Law; co-counsel in the lawsuits challenging conditions at T. Don Hutto.

    Wayne Krause, Legal Director, Austin office for the Texas Civil Rights Project.

    Bob Libal, Texas Coordinator, Grassroots Leadership: Grassroots Leadership works to abolish for-profit private prisons.

    Jose Orta, President, LULAC Council 4721, and longtime Taylor resident and critic of T D Hutto.

    John Carter, United States Congress, 31st District of Texas, in which T Don Hutto is located.

    Dan A Gattis, County Judge, Williamson County Commissioners Court, Texas; serves as chief administrator for T Don Hutto pass-through contract with CCA.

    Julie Meyers, Homeland Security Assistant Secretary for Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

    John Ferguson, Chairman and CEO of Corrections Corporation of America (CCA) which owns, and has contract with ICE to operate, T Don Hutto.

    Doug Smith, Georgetown community leader and former Mayor Pro-Tem, will serve as moderator.

    To date, all the invited panelists who have expressed concern about various issues relating to the T Don Hutto facility (Hines, Krause, Libal, and Orta) have confirmed their participation. Those invitees who have been supporters and promoters of the facility (Carter, Gattis, Meyers, Ferguson) have not responded to the invitation, at this time.

    IRE member, Dr. Terri Hall, appeared before the WCCC on Tuesday, 7/29, extending a personal invitation to the entire commissioners court to attend, reminding Judge Gattis of his invitation to participate.

    IRE believes that this issue is one that, in a free society, must be publicly examined in an objective and dignified manner; it is for that reason that we have undertaken this project. Those who have approved, supported, and profited from T Don Hutto have a special responsibility to participate, and an opportunity to justify the public trust for their role.
    For more information, please contact MaryEllen Kersch, 512-863-7174,


  2. verbena19 says:

    Thank you for your comment. If you don’t mind, I will put it up in a separate post now for more people to see. I did several posts about T. Don Hutto last year when the Yourdkhani family was incarcerated there. Barbara Hines of Texas University Law School was their lawyer down there, with an excellent law student Matt working hard on their behalf. (You can find these posts by searching my site.)


  3. […] Don Hutto facility – Public Forum in Georgetown, TX, Sept. 24th The following information was posted on my site as a comment earlier today. Due to its importance and pertinence to posts I’d put up here last year about […]


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