Help stop the text message cash-grab!

If you do any texting on your cellphone, the text message cash-grab will affect you. So I strongly urge you to sign Charlie Angus’ petition below:

Over 7000 signatures in less than 24 hours!

At this point we are averaging a new signature every 30 seconds on our petition to stop the text message cash-grab.

I’ve even invited Industry Minister Jim Prentice (who this afternoon described the grab as ‘ill thought out’) to sign–on.

Canadians are coming together in the thousands to demand fairness and voice their outrage over Bell and Telus’ latest cash-grab.

And over 3000 people have joined a Facebook group to oppose the new fees.

But we can’t stop here. Help spread the word today.

We need more people to sign the petition, join the Facebook group and forward this email to their friends, family and co-workers.

We have momentum. Today Rogers caved to public pressure over iPhone rates – working together we can stop the text message cash-grab.

Charlie Angus
NDP Digital Issues Critic

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