Melting glaciers and climate change – video

Melting glaciers and climate change

See the video and photos now.


8 Responses to Melting glaciers and climate change – video

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  3. sarocloud says:

    There’s a very credible bunch of scientists that have been saying that there is no doubt climate change is taking place but who are questioning the Co2 hypothesis as being the main culprit. Instead, they attribute the changes to sunspots and their effect on increasing water vapour.
    Have you heard any of that?


  4. verbena19 says:

    I seem to recall hearing something about sunspots and water vapour, but I can’t remember where… Last week there was also something on PBS by diverse group of scientists in different parts of the globe all coming up with a similar ‘dimming of the sun’ hypothesis. They did not mention anything about sunspots though. They feel there is credible evidence that this dimming is caused by the pollution encompassing the earth, creating a barrier against the sun’s rays (particulate matter that reflects the sun’s rays back at the sun instead of down to earth). I can’t explain it properly, but you may have heard of it…?


  5. sarocloud says:

    Sorry not to have been back to you sooner but I now have some more precise info on the sunspots business. My friend who is an amateur radio buff tells me that sunspots appear cyclically – I think on an eleven year cycle, and communication of some bands (like 5 & 10 meters) is quite impossible when the cycle is against them. I gather that the last cycle has been prolonged way past its anticipated end and radio Hams are quite preturbed about that.


  6. verbena19 says:

    Thanks, sarocloud, for the info on sunspots. Very interesting.


  7. 03shooter says:

    Hi verbena19! It’s been a while but I’m back.

    Anyway, yes sunspots play a huge role in the climate, and always have, whereas the whole AGW theory is nothing but garbage.

    The way it works, put simply, is that when sunspot activity is high, more cosmic rays are accelerated into the atmosphere interfering with cloud formation, fewer clouds means more solar radiation reaching the surface, and the Earth gets warmer. Conversely, during periods of low sunspot activity, fewer cosmic rays enter the atmosphere so there are more clouds which reflect solar radiation back into space, and the Earth cools.

    Check into the Maunder Minimum (1645-1715), which coincided with the middle period of the “Little Ice Age”


  8. 03shooter says:

    The real reason that the Earth goes through it’s average 100,000 (+/-) periods of warming and glaciation is because of orbital mechanics. The first of these factors is orbital eccentricity. When the Earths orbit is more circular (as it is now), the Earth is more evenly warmed throughout it’s annual orbit around the sun. When the orbit is more elliptical, it receives more warming when it is closer to the sun and less when it is further away.

    The next factor is obliquity. We all learned in grade school that the Earth is tilted on it’s axis in relationship to the orbital plane, which is why we have seasons. What most of us aren’t taught, because it’s not generally relivent during our lifetimes, is that that angle of obliquity shifts over time by approx. 2.5 degrees in a 40,000 year cycle. While this may not seem like much, that 2.5 degree shift means that over time, more sunlight reaches either the northern or southern latitudes, making those latitudes warmer or cooler than before.

    The next factor is what is called Precession, or an “axial wobble”. Not to be confused with obliquity, this action is not dissimilar to what we see when a top is “winding down” and it’s axis moves in a circle. This precession happens on a 26,000 year cycle, during which one hemisphere will have more extreme changes in it’s seasons while the other will have milder changes in it’s seasons. Currently the northern hemispheres summer is 4.6 days longer than it’s winter, and it’s spring is 2.9 days longer than it’s autumn which correlates quite nicely with our “global warming”.

    At the present time, we are on the upswing (warming) side of the normal glaciation/warming cycle which is explained by our roughly circular orbit, middling obliquity, and precession, and this warming is expected to continue, depending on your source, for between 200 and 50,000 more years before we begin the “downswing” and begin headed for the next true ice age.


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