Oppose the commercialization of the CBC

Tell Stephen Harper you oppose the commercialization of CBC:

One week after CBC management turned its back on loyal audience members by banishing classical music on Radio Two from peak listening times, we stand on the brink of an election that could be pivotal for CBC.

Our Prime Minister — the man who appointed the current CBC President — holds disturbing views about CBC, which he expressed in the run-up to the 2004 election:

“I’ve suggested that government subsidies in support of CBC’s services should be to those things that are not… Do not have commercial alternatives…When you take a look at things like main-English language television and probably to a lesser degree Radio Two, you could there (sic) at putting those on a commercial basis.”

During the past two and a half years as Prime Minister, Mr. Harper has done little to disavow these words.

I believe the hostility toward public broadcasting in these comments helps to explain why Mr. Harper’s hand-picked leadership at CBC seems intent on destroying Radio Two as a service distinct from commercial radio.

And I fear the changes we’ve seen on Radio Two this past week are only the beginning. Ads on CBC Radio may well be next, unless we act immediately.

I hope you will join with me in writing to Prime Minister Harper to ask that he disavow his earlier comments.

Using FRIENDS online action centre, you will quickly and easily be able to send a message to Prime Minister Harper that will also be copied to CBC’s President, the CBC Board of Directors and the opposition party leaders. You can send a template message we have prepared, although it would be much more effective if you take a moment to personalize it.

Even if you have already sent a letter to the CBC Board about changes to Radio Two, I encourage you to send a message to Stephen Harper. There is no better time than an election to speak out to political leaders. After all, they are looking for ways to win our votes. So, this is the best time to urge the Prime Minister to back off.

Please send your message today. It’s vital that we act now so that both Stephen Harper and his hand-picked CBC Board get the message loud and clear!


Ian Morrison

Ian Morrison
FRIENDS of Canadian Broadcasting

P.S. FRIENDS has placed a 3rd large ad in today’s Globe Mail. View it here.


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