Harper’s secret review of Canada Post

This latest insidious move by the Harper government should be of grave concern to Canadians who care about the egalitarian system of our mail delivery by Canada Post. Harper has been secretly trying to dismantle our mail delivery system and put it into private, corporate hands, where profit is the bottom line. Rural and remote areas would be especially hard hit and left without uniform, affordable postal service. To find out more, read this info from ViveleCanada.ca.

This is another example of how much effort Stephen Harper is putting into the dismantling and privatization of our Canadian institutions in order to further his goal of full integration with the U.S.

Over the next few months, our Conservative federal government is conducting a review that will determine the future of universal, public postal service. This review is pretty much a secret review and it could be very bad news for rural communities.

The government’s review will look at three very basic and important questions: What postal services should people receive? Who should provide them? And should Canada Post continue to have an exclusive privilege to handle addressed letters or should the letter market be open for competition?

Anyone who thinks that a little competition never hurt anyone might want to take a closer look at how our postal system actually works. Canada Post has an exclusive privilege to handle letters so that it is able to generate enough money to provide affordable postal service to everyone, no matter where they live.

While the exclusive privilege isn’t often discussed, most people seem to like what it does. In fact, ninety-one percent of respondents to an Angus Reid poll said universal postal service at a uniform rate is one of the really great things about Canada Post.

Unfortunately, our popular and egalitarian one-price goes anywhere service could disappear. If the government decides to eliminate our post office’s exclusive privileges as a result of its review, Canada Post would almost certainly face a downward spiral. Private sector competitors would focus on profitable areas and services, leaving unprofitable parts to our public post office. With fewer profits, Canada Post would find it increasingly difficult – and eventually impossible – to provide uniform and affordable service, especially in rural and remote parts of the country.


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