Privatization and the election

PRIVATIZATION IN MANY FORMS LOOMS AS POTENTIAL ELECTION ISSUE, by Ish Theilheimer.  Another public service nightmare story could galvanize debate.

TELECOMMUNICATIONS BREAKDOWN, by Peter Nowak, CBC News.  Consumer groups say government deregulation without adequate protection for customers was a serious mistake.

ELECTION PROMISE MADE TO RESTORE COURT CHALLENGES PROGRAM, by NUPGE.  Liberals pledge to revive program cancelled by Harper Conservatives in 2006.

THIS FALL, VOTE FOR MEDICARE, by CUPE.  Harper government not collecting needed data nor enforcing rules.  Http://

NEW BRUNSWICK WATCHDOGS KEYING IN ON P3 NURSING HOMES DEAL, by Daniel McHardie, Telegraph-Journal.  Ombudsman, Auditor General to launch review of contract struck between provincial government and Shannex Inc.

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A CITY LEASES PUBLIC ASSETS TO PRIVATE INVESTORS?  By Susan Chandler, Chicago Tribune.  Owners have more latitude to raise prices.

PRIVATIZATION OF TEXAS STATE SERVICES A “SLOW-MOTION DISASTER”, by The Houston Chronicle.  Audit shows management problems continue five years later.

WHO IS THIS TROUBLESOME ‘FANNIE MAE’ PERSON, ANYWAY?  By Robert Kuttner, Huffington Post.  The Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA), now privatized, began life as a US government institution.

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