Ottawa arms show CANCELLED! Campaign continues!

A couple months ago I put up a post from COAT about the Arms Show scheduled to take place in Ottawa this month. Well, I am happy to report that this show has been cancelled. Thank you everyone who wrote letters and signed petitions protesting this show.  However, COAT’s campaign against all future Ottawa arms shows continues and there is an even bigger arms bazaar slated for next spring: “CANSEC 2009”.  Read about it here and please continue with your petitions and support:

YES, an upcoming Ottawa Arms Show has been CANCELLED!!
However, COAT’s campaign (including our online petition) CONTINUES against all other Ottawa arms shows!
For details on the cancellation and our continuing struggle, see the Coalition to Oppose the Arms Trade (COAT) website:

Please sign COAT’s Online Petition to Stop ALL of these Arms Bazaars!
If you haven’t done so already, it is not too late to sign our online petition to ensure that “CANSEC 2009” and ALL other military trade shows remain banned from City of Ottawa facilities.  Please encourage your friends, colleagues and fellow activists across Canada to sign this important petition!
—–> <—–

“Secure Canada 2008,” the military trade show that was scheduled for Lansdowne Park, Ottawa (Sept.30 – Oct.1) has been “cancelled until further notice.” So says the official website of “Secure Canada 2008.” Feast your eyes on their cancellation notice here:

This indeed calls for celebration! However, we need to make sure that City Staff do not just sign another contract with the organizers of “Secure Canada.”

And, more importantly, there’s an even bigger arms bazaar looming on Ottawa’s horizon calledCANSEC 2009.” This huge weapons exhibition is scheduled for May 27-28, 2009 and the City has been negotiating a contract with its organizers. This too must be stopped!!

Join COAT in celebrating the cancellation of “Secure Canada 2008” by helping us to STOPCANSEC 2009.”

Now that they’re on the run, let’s drive them ALL right out of town!
Can we do it?    Yes we can!
Please join us!

Thanks very much for your help in continuing this important campaign!
Richard Sanders, Coordinator, COAT
Editor, Press for Conversion!

P.S. The Candlelight Vigil outside “Secure Canada 2008” (Sept.30) has been cancelled, due to the demise of “Secure Canada 2008.”


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