Hal Turner’s Amero sample

Hal Turner is a former New York talk radio show host. In this video, the outspoken, controversial Turner warns of the imminent collapse of the US dollar as currency, to be replaced by the Amero. To further substantiate his claims, Turner shows an amero coin, and  calls this “the biggest looting by the moneychangers in the history of the world”.

If this currency collapse comes about,  Canada and Mexico will also be affected, as the Amero would be the common currency of our NAU, similar to what transpired in Europe with the formation of the EU and the Euro.

While I do not agree with Hal Turner’s ideology and his bigotry, his  video and  blog posts about this topic deserve merit.

Watch video here: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=1954933468700958565&hl=es

Hal Turner’s blog: Hal Turner Show

Read Hal Turner’s blog post titled Confirmed: US government will collapse before summer* 2009; will repudiate national debt; issue new currency and devalue “old dollar” by 90%here.


6 Responses to Hal Turner’s Amero sample

  1. creekside1 says:

    Hi Annamarie
    Although this Pravda article is short on facts and completely unattributed, I thought you might like the picture of the Amero bill for your files if you don’t already have it.

    Best of the season to you.
    While we may disagree on much of this world government stuff, I applaud your generous and intrepid activism on many other issues.



  2. verbena19 says:

    Thanks, Alison for the comment and link. I just checked out the site and the amero.

    I’ve been a skeptic about this world government stuff until I read a lot on a variety of sites and Naomi Klein’s book: “The Shock Doctrine: The Rise of Disaster Capitalism”. World government does not mean one big global gov’t. It’s more like global corporations dictating government policies using finances as leverage… It’s the corporatisation of government. (Hard to explain now, so read the book when you have time. It’s available from Amazon.ca or at most libraries.) There are other good books out there: ie. The History of Money, by Niall Ferguson is one that comes to mind…

    You can also check out the Council of Canadians website for articles and info about the SPP/NAU, etc.

    Best of the season to you too!


  3. […] thing’s for sure. Hal Turner  gets around. He used to have an Internet radio program where he seemed to advocate violence against people he disagreed […]


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