Mar 13-14, 2009, at the U of T

Join us for a teach-in on nuclear energy in Ontario. What are the concerns surrounding nuclear energy, and what are the alternatives?

Registration is now live! To register go to

On the evening of Friday March 13 at 7:00 p.m. there will a screening of the film Battle of Chernobyl. Earth Sciences Auditorium (ES 1050), U of T. For a description of the movie see

Workshops will be held all day on Saturday Mar. 14, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. in the Kofffler Centre, Room 108, U of T. The workshop on “What’s the Connection Between Nuclear Power and Nuclear Weapons?” takes place from 11 am to noon.

This conference will provide valuable information on the cost, the health effects, the ethical considerations, and the effectiveness of nuclear energy s compared to alternatives (e.g. renewable energy sources).

$25 – or pay-what-you-can. Free for U of T students.

Speakers include:

– Jack Gibbons, Ontario Clearn Air Alliance
– Dave Martin, Greenpeace
– Shawn-Patrick Stensil, Greenpeace
– Dr. Dorothy Goldin-Rosenberg, OISE
– Cherise Burda, Pembina
– Keith Stewart, World Wildlife Fund
– Greg Allen
– Phyllis Creighton, Veterans Against Nuclear Arms
– Helen Chilas, Canadian Voice Of Women for Peace
– Vinay Jindal, Physicians for Global Survival
– Jim Elve, Nanticoke
– John Morand, Port Hope
– Norm Rubin, Energy Probe
– Jos Higginson
And many more.

Sponsored by:
Ontario Clean Air Alliance, Greenpeace, University of Toronto Students Union, Students Against Climate Change, Veterans Against Nuclear Arms, Hiroshima Day Coalition, Canadian Voice of Women for Peace, and Physicians for Global Survival.

Want more background info? Check out

Register now:

For more info:


2 Responses to NO NEW NUKES IN ONTARIO TEACH-IN Mar 13-14

  1. harpervalley says:

    hey , aloha sis!!!! it’s been a rainy winter in hawaii, and we just had a week of COLD….ok, not ontario cold, but cold for here as in sweat pants, shoes and socks, undershirt, shirt, sweatshirt. otherwise am doing well and just about to eat a fresh picked organic AND FREE avacado ūüėÄ
    hope this finds you well.


  2. verbena19 says:

    Hey sis, aloha to you too!!!! sure glad to hear that you’re ok and that you made it over to beautiful Hawaii!!! enjoy your avocado and all the other yummy fresh-picked organic food you can get your hands on, and have some for me too!!! LOL. keep in touch and take care of yourself, ok? hugs, big sis ob ūüėČ


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