Election News: Harper’s new deep integration plans for Canada!

September 24, 2008

This important message comes from ViveleCanada.ca. It is about Stephen Harper’s intentions to integrate Canada with the EU. So it’s not enough that he wants to more deeply integrate us with the US and Mexico via the SPP/NAU, Harper also wants to integrate us with the EU! If Harper is re-elected, will Canada retain any sovereignty at all? Canadians, please wake up! If we don’t act by ensuring that Stephen Harper does NOT get re-elected, we stand to lose our country!!  Stand up for Canada!!!

Hi everyone,

I’m writing to draw your attention to a couple of election-related items now up on Vive le Canada.ca.

First, we are helping promote a new video based on Mel Hurtig’s excellent book “The Truth About Canada” called “Who Killed Canada? A 2008 Election Primer”. The video was created by John Riddell with Mel Hurtig’s cooperation, and is a unique, fact-filled investigation, rich with information you will never see in the media, featuring Mel, produced and with commentary
by John Riddell. It is no less than a Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) of what is happening to Canada today.

It is an excellent tool in educating voters about the current situation in Canada and the need to take action to protect our sovereignty and democracy.

A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each video goes to helping Vive, a non-profit organization that exists solely on the donations of our members, continue to pay our hosting and web development bills.

To order visit: http://www.thedreamofcanada.ca/Who/whokilld2.htm

Second, you may have heard that Canada and the EU are planning to enter into a new deep integration agreement.

As reported in the Globe and Mail on September 18, “Canadian and European officials say they plan to begin negotiating a massive agreement to integrate Canada’s economy with the 27 nations of the European Union, with preliminary talks to be launched at an Oct. 17 summit in Montreal three days after the federal election.” The article continues, “…a senior EU official involved in the talks described (them) as ‘deep economic integration negotiations.’”

The text of this deal will not be released to the general public during the election, yet it appears big business has already seen the deal and supports it–meaning that once again, Canadians will not have the democratic right to choose whether or not to enter into the deal, while big business makes up our minds for us.

For more information see:

To comment on the article on Vive visit:

And if you’d like to send an email to the current Prime Minister opposing this deal, please visit the Council of Canadians website and use their sample letter:

We at Vive also highly recommend that you attend local all-candidates forums, town halls and meetings in your area and ask these simple questions, or additional questions of your own that raise these issues:

1. Have you heard of Canada-U.S. deep integration agreements, such as the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP)? Do you feel that they threaten Canadian sovereignty and democracy?

2. Are you aware that the Conservative government is planning on negotiating a new deep integration agreement with the European Union? Do you support such a deal, or do you feel that it would threaten Canadian sovereignty and democracy?

3. If elected, would you ensure that there was parliamentary oversight of any deep integration deals, such as the SPP or the proposed deep integration deal with the EU?

Together, we can make Canadian sovereignty and democracy a federal election issue. If we don’t, we run the risk of watching even more of our sovereignty given away once the election is over.

By holding our candidates accountable, we have everything to gain…and if we don’t, we have our country to lose.

– Susan Thompson

Letter to confused Canadian voters

September 23, 2008

This impassioned letter to Canadian voters is from my best friend, Klara Palotay. Klara had lived through the horrors of Nazi fascism and Stalinist communism, so she knows the evils perpetrated upon citizens by these regimes. Canadians who care about our country must not be complacent and think this cannot happen here. It can, and it will! Remember, the good people of Germany did not believe it could happen to them either until it was too late. This has nothing to do with ‘left’ or ‘right’, liberals or conservatives. It has to do with the fate of our country. I urge my fellow bloggers to post Klara’s letter on your blogs to get the truth out about Stephen Harper’s insidious agenda. We cannot count on the mainstream media, even those that are purported to be ‘unbiased’. Our last bastion of objectivity, CBC, has joined the ranks of those who are aiding/abetting Harper in his smear campaign against Stephane Dion  — and their reporting is greatly slanted in Harper’s favour. The media have abandoned all objectivity, fairness and accuracy. They have become willing partners in Harper’s neocon machinations to turn our country into a US-style oligarchy.  We must not let this happen!!

Hello confused voter:

I am so sorry that you still think it is unfair of our venerable CBC to thrash Dion and tow the Harper line. I can see you need a bit of background info on this. When Harper cheated his way into office with the collusion of the RCMP and unfortunately Jack Layton, the whole dynamics of politics changed. Harper is a US lobbyist sent to us and financed by the republicans and big business to open Canada for the US style unregulated casino like financial system. Chretien was ousted by Martin for not cozying up to big business and Bay St. enough. Martin tried to behave as if his agenda was the usual Liberal semi socialist program even though he too was in agreement with selling out Canada to corporate interests. After all, he was the one who put us in the Afghanistan combat role under US command, Enduring Freedom. We are not under the Nato umbrella, we are already embedded in the US army. That is why Dion had to agree to the mission extension; there is no way the Americans will let us go. The Americans also blackmail and unfairly interfere with other countries internal politics. Harper win was engineered by them, because Martin was not as compliant as this current puppet proved to be. Martin was the one who put us on the road with deep integration and the SPP where the goal is to merge us into the US. As it is, we have too many laws and safeguards preventing that from happening as yet. Harper for the past 2 and a half years was furiously working behind the scenes to harmonize whatever he can with US laws and regulations, at the expense of the public. Since that time when Harper sneaked his way into office, Canada the decent, tolerant, just country ceased to exist. Witness the relentless attacks and bullying that have been going on for the past two years. Is this the country you grew up in? When Dion was chosen as leader of the party, all the pro business people went ballistic. Their lovely plan of selling us to the US developed a major snag. Here was a man who is honest, principled, just and not in politics for personal gain, thus he became their chief nemesis. In other words, he is a mortal enemy to the crooks on the right, both of big oil and big business. A man you cannot bribe or intimidate is their worst enemy. We, who attended that famous convention chose him precisely for those qualities. We did not want a Martin clone in Ignatieff or a pro Israel, and by extension another American supporter to be the new leader. We wanted a man who would stand up for Canada and we knew Dion could do it. We wanted to change the party and return it to local control for the citizen’s benefit. Two weeks after the convention the attacks started from the Cons. Have you ever wondered why they spent millions in the past years to assassinate Dion’s character? Isn’t it strange that they did not succeed in destroying him and like an energizing bunny he keeps on going because he knows HE IS RIGHT? He has a fully developed plan for the well-being of Canada and the other side is furious that nothing seems to faze him, not his own party’s lack of faith or the whole negative press he gets, he just pushes on because HE IS RIGHT! You must learn that two-thirds of our media are in conservative hands and they do not want him to win. Harper offered them unregulated markets where they can fleece the public with impunity. You think they will be fair and just? All the polls paid by them is fabricated to sound that way, to discourage the voters and have them stay home. If the Liberals lose heart as a lot of them are, the feeling forced on them already is: “what is the use, Harper will win anyway.” But why should they? The cons have no platform, no plan for Canada except to let the market destroy its safety net. The CBC is a government funded organization that is gutted from the inside, and the long time anchors like Peter Mansbridge and Don Newman gave up their objectivity long ago against being fired. Don’t think Harper would not do it, he has a string of wrongful dismissals under his belt.

What I am trying to say is use your head and use the internet wisely. You can find the truth easily, it is out there. The site to watch daily is The Turner Report, there you will get daily updates about the lies and shenanigans the conservatives are engaged in. Liblogs is another one, where you will read about all the outrages and happenings immediately as they occur. By the way, the only honest polling company belongs to Nick Nanos and he polls for CPAC. He was bang on with the last election results and he is the only one who does not manipulate the undecided numbers. Currently, the cons among decided voters lead at 36 per cent, the same as when they were elected in 2006, the Liberals are at 31 per cent despite the constant media barrage against Dion. Do you think there is not a concentrated effort to defeat Dion by the media? The NDP are at 22 per cent. Do you know what is the most important part of this poll? There are 20 per cent undecided voters!! Those people are waiting for the debates, they are waiting to see if anything happens like a major financial meltdown in the US or a new scandal, or Julie Couillard’s book on Bernier released before the election date. There are too many unknown factors still to call this election won by the cons. Harper as a dictator may sound good to his blind followers, but this is a huge country with regional interests that cannot be run by one rigid ideology. So I will ask you to accept the fact that big business, big oil, the media and Harper are conspiring against the Canadian people. Knowing this, your duty for your and your children’s sake is to go and help out with your local campaign and help however you are able. We need money and volunteers. This is the last chance for Canada to remain free; if we blow it this time will be an exploited poor region of a failing fascist empire. The slogan is WE WANT OUR CANADA BACK!! If you know any young people convert them to the cause, it is their future that is being given away. Allow Dion to return the country to its guiding principles: Peace, Order and Good Government. Let him fulfill his vision, Canada will be the richer for it.

Klara Palotay

Council of Canadians Election 08

September 23, 2008

Council of Canadians has a new section on their site called Election 08. It shows some of the important issues to Canadians by percentages, such as: water, energy, trade and integration, health care, peace, and has a daily question to ask your candidates during debates. There is also an Election Blog and other pertinent information. You can also sign up to receive Election Action Alerts. Be sure to check out this site.

Privatization and the election

September 13, 2008

PRIVATIZATION IN MANY FORMS LOOMS AS POTENTIAL ELECTION ISSUE, by Ish Theilheimer.  Another public service nightmare story could galvanize debate.

TELECOMMUNICATIONS BREAKDOWN, by Peter Nowak, CBC News.  Consumer groups say government deregulation without adequate protection for customers was a serious mistake.

ELECTION PROMISE MADE TO RESTORE COURT CHALLENGES PROGRAM, by NUPGE.  Liberals pledge to revive program cancelled by Harper Conservatives in 2006.

THIS FALL, VOTE FOR MEDICARE, by CUPE.  Harper government not collecting needed data nor enforcing rules.  Http://www.publicvalues.ca/ViewArticle.cfm?Ref=00147

NEW BRUNSWICK WATCHDOGS KEYING IN ON P3 NURSING HOMES DEAL, by Daniel McHardie, Telegraph-Journal.  Ombudsman, Auditor General to launch review of contract struck between provincial government and Shannex Inc. http://www.publicvalues.ca/ViewArticle.cfm?Ref=00145

WHAT HAPPENS WHEN A CITY LEASES PUBLIC ASSETS TO PRIVATE INVESTORS?  By Susan Chandler, Chicago Tribune.  Owners have more latitude to raise prices.

PRIVATIZATION OF TEXAS STATE SERVICES A “SLOW-MOTION DISASTER”, by The Houston Chronicle.  Audit shows management problems continue five years later.

WHO IS THIS TROUBLESOME ‘FANNIE MAE’ PERSON, ANYWAY?  By Robert Kuttner, Huffington Post.  The Federal National Mortgage Association (FNMA), now privatized, began life as a US government institution.

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