Let’s have democracy

December 11, 2008

The following letter to the Editor was written by an acquaintance, Fred Schneider. It was published in The Mississauga News on December 9th, where some of it was cut  in their editing.  Fred’s excellent letter is posted here in its entirety, unedited, with  his kind permission:

Let’s have democracy

Re: Crisis/opportunity on Parliament Hill

Unhappy again not to be able to rule Canada on behalf of his friends (who, by the way, were instrumental in the worldwide “economic crisis” in the first place) – instead of governing for the people of Canada – he started the same tactic of blackmailing the opposition into either “causing” another election – which Mr. Harper hopes would give him a majority – or to accept his conservative rule by minority.

However, this time Mr. Harper bet on the wrong stock, so to speak. The opposition had enough of his games with Canadian voters and they united to use their legal avenues to call his bluff.

I hope that Canadians will finally see behind Mr. Harper’s manipulations of parliament. After all, more than 60% of voters do not support Mr. Harper or the Conservatives.

Let’s finally have a government by the people for the people! It’s called Democracy.
This crisis was deliberately caused by Mr. Harper and/or his advisors.

Ever since the 2006 election Mr. Harper was unhappy with his minority government, and time and time again he deliberately(!) provoked the opposition into “causing” another election with confidence issues he knew could or would not be supported by the opposition.

Mr. Harper also knew, as probably most Canadians did, that the Liberals were in no position to take the blame for another election and had to either support conservative policies or abstain from voting on those issues.

When that tactic did not work Mr. Harper called another unnecessary(!) election for October 2008 in which he achieved another similar minority government

Fred Schneider
Mississauga, Ontario

Visit Fred Schneider’s homepage: http://home.ica.net/~fresch/index.htm


Scott’s DiaTribes:: Attawapiskat: the human faces to Conservative indifference

September 6, 2008

Scott Tribe’s post on the fantastic children in a Canadian indigenous community with no school who are working hard to get one….  This is a MUST READ!!  What the Conservative government is doing to these children is abominable!  Fellow bloggers, I urge you to put a link to this post on your site and raise awareness about the plight of these amazing children who are working so tirelessly to have the school they were promised by both the Liberal and Conservative governments — but those promises were broken, like so many are where First Nations people are concerned.


This is a picture of children from the  Cree community of Appawapiskat. The community and these kids have been advocating to the federal government for years for funds to help build a new school to replace their old one, which has been declared condemned. They had received promises from both federal Liberal and Conservative Indian Affairs Ministers that the school would be built, but nothing has been done. Now, however, the ultra-compassionate (said with sarcasm) Chuck Strahl has point-blank said that the school wouldn’t be built.  Not on the priority list, according to Chuck, even though these kids have been without a school for eight years.


Read the rest of Scott Tribe’s post here: http://scottdiatribe.gluemeat.com/2008/08/06/attawapiskat-the-human-faces-to-conservative-indifference/