CENSORED NEWS:: Shelley Brant: Open letter to Canada and First Nation Leaders

August 10, 2008

This open letter from Shelley Brant, Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory, is an appeal to Canada and all First Nation leaders who are turning a blind eye to the killing of Native Canadians across the country by various police forces. You can read this letter in its entirety on CENSORED NEWS.

I am outraged by what appears to be the systematic decimation of the Native people who inhabited this land prior to our arrival. It seems that we are hell-bent on finishing the job we started a few hundred years ago: if our police don’t murder them, then we contaminate the water and soil on reserves. If that is not enough, we abrogate treaties and fail to settle land claims fairly and expeditiously, thus further impoverishing Native populations. Our leaders’ failure to sign the UN Declaration of Indigenous Rights speaks volumes. We simply do not consider our First Nations people as ‘people’. Never mind PM Stephen Harper’s empty apology. Actions speak louder than words. Judging by our heinous actions, we are speaking loud and clear. Shame on Canada! And shame on all Canadians who see and hear these injustices yet do nothing.

Shelley Brant: Open letter to Canada and First Nation Leaders

An Open Letter to Canada and All First Nation Leaders…..

By Shelley Brant
Tyendinaga Mohawk Territory
August 6, 2008

The recent questionable killing of yet another First Nations man, Craig McDougall 26 by police in Winnipeg has led me to write this letter:
How many more inquiries and bodies is it going to take???? How many more unimplemented recommendations???? How many more police lies and cover-ups supported by the governments in this so called great country before people wake up to the truth????? How many more planted weapons in the media and on our own people?????

This is the list of First Nations people killed by police across Canada and some have led to inquiries and some haven’t and is probably not even a complete list:
Frank Paul, a 47-year-old Mik’maq man – Vancouver- Vancouver police officer dragged the man, soaking wet and unconscious, from the downtown holding cells and dumped him in an alley across town. – Paul had died of hypothermia accelerated by acute alcohol poisoning. Dudley George, aged 38, – Ipperwash – Ontario – was killed by a police sniper during a Native land protest at Ipperwash Provincial Park. Craig McDougall 26 – Winnipeg – shot 4 times by police while on a cell phone with his girlfriend.Matthew Dumas, an 18-year-old Anishnabe, – Winnipeg – was pepper-sprayed, shot twice and killed by a Winnipeg Police officer.Dennis St. Paul – Norway House Cree Nation reserve – Winnipeg – shot and killed by the RCMP.Donald Miles – Winnipeg – shot and killed by police.Howard Fleury – Winnipeg – shot and killed by police.John Joseph Harper – Winnipeg – shot and killed by police.Helen Betty Osbourne 16 – The Pas- police complicity in the murder case of Cree teen The Pas Manitoba.Neil Stone child 17 – Saskatoon – inquiry was released, stating that the Saskatoon police investigation into the 1990 freezing death of the 17-year-old – Saskatoon.Rodney Naistus and Lawrence Wegner – Saskatoon- whose bodies were also found on the outskirts of town in February, 2000 Geronimo Fobister at the Anishnabe – Ontario – reserve of Grassy Narrows Lorraine Jacobsen 40 – British Columbia – on a Kwagiutl reserve at Alert Bay – shot and killed by police.Gerald Chenery, a Nisga’ man – Vancouver – was shot 12 times and killed by two Vancouver cops Michael Langan , Metis 19 – Winnipeg- Death by police taser

You stepped into Iraq with the U.S. because of a dictator who was killing his own people, yet there is no difference between mustard gas and police bullets, they are both a permanent means of death, which makes you no better!!!!!

Perhaps someone should invade Canada and come to the aid of the First Nations people in this country who are at the mercy of it’s governments and their police forces, just as Canada comes to the aid of people in other countries for the same reasons.


Read the rest of Shelley Brant’s letter here.