FILM EVENT: Breaking Ranks (Hamilton, Sept. 16)

September 10, 2008

Breaking Ranks
Nominated for Best Documentary or Series – History/Biography/Social/Political, Documentary: Best Director and Documentary: Best Picture Editing, 2007 Leo Awards. Nominated for a 2007 Golden Sheaf Award.

This fast paced documentary about the American War Resisters is punctuated by real-life footage of the conflict in Iraq

It includes shocking testimony of U.S. soldiers in the “War on Terror” about

Why they joined

What they saw

and Why they quit

An ultimately heartfelt look at these brave individuals and why Canada needs to let War Resisters stay

Tuesday, September 16

7:00 p.m.
McMaster University Student Centre
CIBC Hall (3rd floor of Student Centre)
About the film

Breaking Ranks is a moving documentary that examines the current phenomena of US soldiers seeking refuge in Canada as part of their resistance to the war effort in Iraq. With intimate access to four American military deserters, their lawyer and families, this film documents their experiences as they try to exercise their consciences amidst profound emotional, ethical and international consequences. If deported, they face the venom of mainstream American opinion and one to five years in prison. If Canada instead follows the legacy established by Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau during the Vietnam War, when Canada welcomed tens of thousands of war resisters, there may well be an unprecedented crisis in U.S.-Canadian relations.

Filmed over the course of the refugee process, this provocative film explores the meaning of duty through the powerful testimonies of these young soldiers. In so doing, Breaking Ranks poses challenging political, cultural and historical questions for Canadians and the world.

MPs Bill Siksay and Olivia Chow have been instrumental in submitting legislation to protect War Resisters. On June 3, a majority of Members of Parliament in the House of Commons voted by 137 to 110 to let the resisters to stay and to stop all deportation proceedings against them – but Harper is going ahead with deportation anyway.