VIDEO: ‘WHO k i l l e d CANADA?’

December 10, 2008

Canadians who prefer truth over propaganda — and would like to have an idea why we are in this current crisis — should view this short, compelling, very informative video.  This is info that you won’t see anywhere in our mainstream media.   It is incumbent upon each and every one of us to be fully informed and inform your friends, family, neighbours, community. Ignorance is not an excuse!

Toronto: Housing Not War Musical Protest at Moss Park, Sept. 20th

September 15, 2008


12:30PM | Saturday, September 20 @ Moss Park (Sherbourne & Shuter)

FEATURING: Faith Nolan, Sara Marlowe, The PARC Drummers, Mohammad Ali
…hip hop, blues/jazz, folk & more (check web updates)…

[NOTE regarding recent permit issue in news media: this event will proceed as planned!]


The Moss Park Armoury sits in one of Canada’s poorest neighbourhoods, surrounded by Toronto’s highest concentration of homeless people. The government trains 800 soldiers every month in the armoury while people outside die without food and shelter! The Moss Park Armoury should be replaced with decent, accessible, affordable housing!

Join us for a free meal, music, demonstration and march on the armoury!

(please let us know ahead of time if possible)

For more info, or for accessibility needs, contact TDRC:

416-599-8372 | |

Toronto: Paul Croutch Memorial – Sept 15

September 6, 2008


12:00 Noon, Monday, September 15

MOSS PARK (North of Queen, between Jarvis & Sherbourne)


Paul Croutch, a homeless 59 year old psychiatric survivor, was beaten to death by military reservists next to Moss Park Armoury on August 31, 2005. The reservists also assaulted an under-housed woman who attempted to intervene to defend Paul.

Paul’s death is remembered as a symbol of ongoing human rights violations against homeless people, who continue to die at a horrifying rate in Toronto and across the Canada.

At noon on September 15, at Moss Park, we will remember Paul and others who have died as we continue to struggle for justice for all.

Those who know Paul and would like to speak are welcome.



(please let us know ahead of time if possible)

Download the poster & see info on other upcoming events:

For more info, or for accessibility needs, contact TDRC:

416-599-8372 |

Peace and Friendship Gathering – Friday,August 22 to Sunday, August 24, 2008 – Chiefswood Park, Ohsweken, Six Nations Territory

August 7, 2008

Peace and Friendship Gathering

Friday, August 22 to Sunday, August 24, 2008

Chiefswood Park, Ohsweken, Six Nations Territory

The third weekend in August will witness a historic gathering of the people of Six Nations and their allies from across Ontario and Turtle Island. From Friday, August 22 to Sunday, August 24, hundreds of people will gather at Chiefswood Park in the town of Ohsweken, Six Nations territory for a three day festival of friendship and solidarity.

The vision for this event was inspired from the work that has been accomplished by the people of Six Nations in the spirit of the Great Law of Peace and the good minds that have been tireless in moving this vision forward. Many have lent their voice, strength and support to building greater awareness, understanding, friendship and solidarity between our peoples. The Peace and Friendship Gathering will facilitate the opportunity for all of us to learn, be inspired, and gather a greater understanding and respect of the relationships that indigenous and non-indigenous people have.

The primary focus of the festival will be a series of workshops, talks and presentations related to indigenous sovereignty, environmental politics and issues of anti-racism and social justice. In addition to talks and workshops, we will also be holding a series of cultural events including live music performances, dances and film screenings. Park facilities will be open for people to play sports, swim, watch open-air films, camp overnight and otherwise enjoy a child-friendly, drug and alcohol free weekend of fun and learning.

We welcome everybody who comes in peace and friendship to this event.

The event is being organized by a grassroots committee of Six Nations residents and non-native supporters. It is being hosted by the Haudenosaunee Men’s Council of the Grand River.

For more information, please e-mail

OCAP Not Participating in Sham Consultations: Minister Matthews lies to legitimize secret ‘poverty meetings’

June 13, 2008

This is the latest News Release by OCAP about the sham Deb Matthews consultations on poverty that are taking place throughout Ontario. Poverty is increasing at an alarming rate, yet the McGuinty government is holding ‘consultations’: reviewing “how to best organize the current system of supports to ensure effective investment and more efficient administration.”

Sounds like a more time and money-wasting publicity campaign, to make it seem as if they are actually doing something, methinks… They’re still trying to get a ‘definition’ of poverty, for chrissake! Haven’t we been down that road many times before? What is there to define about poverty? All they have to do is ask the poor: the working poor who must choose between paying rent or buying food; the disabled subsisting on ODSP/OW rates that haven’t been adjusted for inflation for decades; the struggling single mother who can’t afford childcare and decent food; the senior whose meagre pension doesn’t allow him/her to turn the heat on in winter; the destitute soul with mental health problems housed in fleabag firetrap motels; the homeless person exposed to thugs and the elements; the children and adults on native reserves (Kashechewan, etc.) who are sickened by tainted water, toxic soil and mouldy housing; and so on and on… Go out into the real community, instead of holding sanitized invitation-only ’round-table discussions’ where real questions, suggestions, input and ideas are eschewed — and ASK! They’ll give Ms Matthews the ‘definition of poverty’, if indeed she lives in such a bubble that she does not know what POVERTY is. The time for these meaningless consultations has long passed. With the worsening economic situation poverty and homelessness will rise. We need action, not consultation!

A good start would be raising the minimum wage to at least $10/hour NOW! Raise the rates for ODSP/OW by 40%! Instead of giving millions to big corporations (like GM who then proceed to lay off workers anyway) use the taxpayer’s money to build affordable housing. Listen to the people on native reserves and fix the deplorable conditions that they must endure. Do something constructive, something real and start now! Not next year, or the year thereafter, but NOW!

OCAP Not Participating in Sham Consultations: Minister Matthews lies to legitimize secret ‘poverty meetings’

June 11, 2008 – Yesterday, during an interview with CBC’s Metro Morning, the Minister of Children and Youth Services, Deb Mathews, claimed the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty was invited to and attended a secret poverty consultation.

In reality, these meetings have been designed expressly to avoid interacting with anti-poverty groups like OCAP and with poor people in general. OCAP has never received an invitation to attend these private consultations. These meetings make no attempt to address systemic poverty in this province, rather they seek to allay the public’s concerns “within existing resources.”

“We don’t need to waste our time in secret consultations. We need a government that is actually going to do something about poverty,” says A.J. Withers, an OCAP Organizer. “We know what the problems are. Welfare and disability rates are too low, we need a livable minimum wage now, we need more affordable housing and we need the housing we do have to be in decent repair.”

The Liberal government would like the public to believe it will make real and substantial changes in people’s lives. Instead, this government continues to quietly chip away at crucial money and services. “While they talk about reducing poverty, the Liberals continue to let welfare and disability rates lose ground to inflation. They slashed the Special Diet supplement that let thousands of people eat healthier food, and they introduced the confusing Ontario Child Benefit that means parents probably won’t be able to buy coats for heir kids this winter,” says John Clarke of OCAP. “This is not a government that actually cares about poor people, it is a government trying to get political capital by talking a lot about us, but doing nothing for us,” Clarke says.

While Matthews is a liar, she was right about one thing: there have been protesters outside of her sham consultations, in cities all across Ontario. This month, in Toronto, we plan to be among them.

Toronto: Housing Not War FUNDRAISER CONCERT! (May 31)

May 17, 2008

Toronto Disaster Relief Committee (TDRC) needs resources to continue mobilizing pressure on our government to act for peace and justice. Our communities (activists, allies and those we fight for) also need to have FUN once in a while. The solution? A Housing Not War fundraiser concert – with many of the tickets to be donated to homeless and low-income people!
*See event details below*

On Saturday, May 31, come out for a night of great music and great company in Toronto AND/OR contribute by buying tickets for those who can’t! Just let us know whether the tickets you’re purchasing are for you, or for TDRC to provide to people we’re fighting for. Whether you’re joining us that night or giving someone else with the opportunity to do so, you’ll provide crucial support for TDRC’s non-profit advocacy work.

Thanks, and hope to see you on the 31st!

To purchase tickets, get more info, or support the event in some other way (eg. donating raffle prizes) contact the TDRC office:
416-599-8372 |



TIME/DATE: 9pm – Saturday, May 31, 2008
LOCATION: Cecil Street Community Centre, downtown Toronto (58 Cecil St. – one block south of College @ Spadina)
TICKETS: $10 advance / $15 at the door

FEATURING: Gravity Wave (dance/pop), Sara Marlowe (folk), Mohammad Ali (spoken word/hip hop), Marnie Niemi (bluegrass) AND MORE!

*VENUE IS WHEELCHAIR ACCESSIBLE* For any accessibility concerns contact TDRC and we will try to make arrangements.
*CHILDCARE IS AVAILABLE!* To arrange for (on-site) childcare during the event, please contact TDRC.
*BUY TICKETS FOR THOSE WHO CAN’T!* Individuals and organizations are buying special tickets to be donated to homeless and low-income individuals. Let us know whether the tickets you’re purchasing are for you or for TDRC to provide to others.

Download the event posters (please distribute!):
Poster #1:
Poster #2:

To purchase tickets, get more info, or support the event in some other way (eg. donating raffle prizes) contact the TDRC office:
416-599-8372 |

Art Auction Reminder / Canadian Mining Journal Poll / Christian Peacemaker Delegation

May 8, 2008

May 10th, 7pm – Art Auction at IntuMotion Dance Studio

WHEN:      Saturday May 10th,  Preview 7-8pm, Auction at 8pm
WHERE:    IntuMotion Dance Studio, 275 Queen Street (at Barrie), lower level.
WHY:        Protect Mother Earth and buy your gifts for Mother’s Day. Proceeds to AAFN/Lovelace/Sherman NO URANIUM Legal Defence Fund.

The primary objective is to raise funds for the payment of fines incurred by two native leaders, Bob Lovelace and Paula Sherman, of the Ardoch Algonquin First Nation, who have been convicted of contempt of court. The occupation of the mining site resulted from the provincial government’s neglecting to consult with the local native band–as demanded by law–before issuing mining rights to Frontenac Ventures. The second, longer-term, objective of the event is to raise awareness of the environmental dangers of uranium mining and the unconstitutionality of Ontario’s Mining Act.

Refreshments will be available.  Pay for auction items by cheque or cash.

If you are an artist and have an article to donate to the auction, please contact:

Sylvia Söderlind
Associate Professor
Department of English
Queen’s University
Kingston, Ontario, Canada
Phone: 613-533-6000 ext. 74428
Fax:  613-533-6872

Canadian Mining Journal Poll – Take 5 seconds to vote!

Donna Dillman has forwarded the link to the Canadian Mining Journal’s poll on the recent decision in British Columbia to ban uranium mining.

Please scroll down and click on the link next to VOTE HERE and tell the Canadian Mining Journal that you want the ban enforced for all time!

The ban on uranium exploration and mining in British Columbia should:

– be scrapped immediately.

– be replaced with stiff regulations.

– be enforced for all time.

Uranium still hot in most of Canada:

Join the Christian Peacemaker Teams Aboriginal Justice Delegation to Algonquin Territory

May 31 – June 8, 2008 (please apply by May 16)

Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) seeks participants for a delegation to Robertsville Mine (about 80 km north of Kingston, ON) where two Algonquin First Nations communities are struggling to protect their unceded land from uranium exploration and mining.

The CPT Aboriginal Justice Delegation will meet with Algonquin leaders and settler and environmental activists; seek the perspectives of those who are in support of uranium exploration (including government officials); make visits to the historic blockade site; develop an analysis of colonialism; participate in undoing racism training; and organize a public witness in support of the Algonquin’s struggle for justice. This is a crucial time for your voice to be heard for a just resolution of this matter.

Participants in this delegation should be prepared to:

Participate in non-violent public witness regarding Aboriginal sovereignty issues;
Be housed in rustic conditions, and spend time outside;
Communicate their experiences to local congregations, groups and the media upon return;

Arrange their own travel to and from Kingston, Ontario (CPT can assist with logistics);

Raise $275 (CDN or US) to cover delegation expenses.

For more information or to apply, contact:

Christian Peacemaker Teams, PO Box 6508, Chicago, IL 60680
Phone 1-800-318-2843; fax 773-277-0291; e-mail
Applications available on the web at; click “Delegations”

Frontenac Ventures Corporation (FVC) is licensed under the Ontario Mining Act to conduct exploratory drilling on 60 square kilometres of historic Algonquin territory. An open-pit uranium mine would release toxic radon gas and polonium, and leave behind millions of tonnes of radioactive tailings that will permanently pollute groundwater. The Ardoch Algonquin First Nation (AAFN) says, “Uranium mining will lead directly to our social, spiritual and cultural demise.” Algonquin leader Bob Lovelace has been jailed for his non-violent resistance to illegal and immoral actions by the Ontario government, while many other Algonquin leaders from both Shabot Obaadjiwan FN and AAFN face heavy fines. This delegation will coincide with the continued court proceedings related to this situation.

After occupying the Robertsville Mine for 107 days throughout the summer of 2007, both First Nations participated in a mediation process with the federal and provincial governments and FVC, talks which broke down when the provincial government predetermined that the outcome must include drilling.  In February and March, an Ontario Superior Court judge issued prison sentences and stiff fines to Algonquin leaders for their non-violent resistance to a court injunction which prohibited the blockade. The Algonquins have called for a moratorium on uranium exploration and are seeking a resolution to their historic national land claims. The resistance campaign to prevent uranium mining is supported by local “settler” (non-Algonquin) residents.

CPT is an initiative of the historic peace churches (Mennonites, Church of the Brethren, and Quakers), with support and membership from a range of Catholic and Protestant denominations