Vandalism against Liberals

October 8, 2008

The following letter was sent to me by a friend who is outraged at the dangerous vandalism targeted against people displaying Liberal candidates’ signs on their properties in some GTA ridings and the lack of action by police to catch the perpetrators.  I would like to add that on a less dangerous level, I have noticed numerous Liberal signs broken and trashed in my riding and around the rest of Brampton.  This is turning out to be a very nasty campaign!


The cons are getting desperate. The evidence comes from the targeted vandalism of people’s property for supporting the Liberal Party. Our present government treats this as slightly unfortunate and nothing much to worry about. But think about it my fellow Canadians. If you cut someone’s break line it should be a criminal matter. IN FACT IT IS A CRIMINAL MATTER, OUTSIDE OF THE ELECTION PERIOD, YOU WOULD BE CHARGED WITH ATTEMPTED MURDER. Why is it that there is no media blitz to stop this? How is it possible that we allow the innocent public to be intimidated for exercising their democratic right to vote? This is what freedom is all about, this is why we hold elections to control our government to keep us safe and have it work for our welfare and not against us. With this current government the only reason for calling this election is to gain a majority to allow them to wreck our country and blend us seamlessly into the US. Every day we see Harper controlling the media, the environment groups and all organizations in need of federal funds and muzzling the voices of concern and reason. Like in Nazi Germany the end justifies the means. The whole propaganda blitz here as in the US was the original brainchild of Goebbels in Germany, happily copied by the Bush administration and now by Harper. The Fuehrer principle is alive and well. It doesn’t seem to matter to them that we have a Parliamentary system not a Presidency. All of Harper’s plans point to his dictatorial tendencies and he wants power no matter what else is there. Intimidation and vandalism belong in totalitarian countries and so far Canada is not one of them. But the danger is very grave. We are being taken over by stealth and our last chance is this election to stop this travesty from occurring. Naomi Klein wrote a book a couple of years ago, called the Shock Doctrine. The premise of the book is that the Bush Administration and before the ultra right wing neo-con movement created artificial and premeditated chaos to demoralize a population and destroy its civil society. (Iraq and New Orleans come to mind). In its place they aim to put a marginalized poor and voiceless population to be totally dependent on government largesse. Big business prefers a population working for slave wages so they can make obscene profits without having to share the bounty. In the last depression in the 30s, 85% of the people owned land and were mostly farmers. That scenario has been destroyed and replaced by city folk who are unable to fend for themselves in an atmosphere of great upheaval. The coming depression will be worse than the last because people were self-sufficient then, now they are at the mercy of fate. In this election, which is downplayed by the media as having no real issues, the real threat is the collapse of the global system of finance and the accompanying chaos that will follow. We need a government that will help us weather this storm and not allow us to become destitute. The Con plan is the mantra that we are on our own, they only help their rich friends and the small elite that rules the banking system. Even the corporations are a part of the financial scam that is inundating the world. All the countries in Europe and Asia are bailing out their failing banks courtesy of the gift from the US initiated massive financial fraud of unprecedented proportions. What is coming may not be preventable anymore but a benevolent government, personified in Dion will do its level best to protect us from the coming calamity. Please consider voting for any one but Harper and vote strategically for whichever candidate is ahead in your ridings. Without exaggeration this is our last chance. I come from Europe and seen this movie before. Do not let it happen here because of ignorance and apathy. Vote because your future well-being depends on it.

Janet Smithe