Why we must defend Canada

The following was sent to me. Although I posted it on my blog several years ago, much of it is as pertinent now as it was then…

Why and how to defend Canada from U.S. Empire

Canadians need to pay closer attention to the antics of our super power neighbour south of the border. If we take a closer look at Canada /U.S. relations and see the bigger picture emerging from the details, especially in light of recent events, it is tempting to deny what comes to mind and look away. However the facts herein are all verified, and merit serious questions at least (if you don’t believe or understand some of what you read here, please look it up). To those who have been watching the rise of the corporate elite and the inner workings of U.S. administrations the picture will not be as surprising. But few have looked at the range of implications for Canada, so the intention of this article is to examine recent events, raise some questions, and propose some options for protecting Canada’s unique identity. It’s one thing to be a good neighbour to a much bigger country, it is quite another to be the main supplier and among the last friends of a nation whose leaders are alienating most of the world.
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One Response to Why we must defend Canada

  1. gwmarkle says:

    Harper’s War

    The objective of the Conservative government at this point is for Canada to be actively engaged in a state of war. Once that has been established, escalation will intentionally occur. I suspect that there is a major attack planned for North America, a false flag, orchestrated by the shareholders of war and will be blamed on ISIS and/or homegrown Muslim terrorists.

    By all the fear mongering by Harper and his crew, I suspect this attack will be on Canada. Should this occur, the powers that be will remain in power for the duration of the war, and they will make sure that this war will not end. A state of martial law will be imposed and all freedoms will be suspended. Then the witch-hunt begins. For the Conservatives, it is imperative for this event to occur before the next election for them to maintain their illegitimate power indefinitely.

    The New World Order, or should I call it the “Global Conservative Cult”, is preparing that crisis at this very moment. It’s disgusting to learn that our national security agencies are aiding and abetting these Conservative Terrorists, not just in Canada, but also on a global scale. CSIS has failed to protect Canada from these financial terrorists and it seems have now been corrupted. I suppose they must go with the flow or have their balls snipped by Harper. They have to keep in step with the other Conservative terrorist cells around the world masquerading as intelligence and security agencies, but they’re only revealing themselves for the stupid fools they really are.

    We have a government that gained power through fraud, a terrorist act in itself, designed to subversively usurp the government of Canada. What are you going to do about it CSIS? For people who are supposed to be engaged in “intelligence”, you’re pretty fucking stupid. The real terrorists are in our own parliament.

    Remember: Our prime minister was “installed” through a process of fraud for the sole purpose of creating debt and drawing this country into never ending wars, just like the U.S. has been doing for generations in it’s quest for world domination. Every bit of their illegal legislation leads this country further into fascism. It seems all of our security and intelligence agencies are in on it as well, and slated to be Harper’s new Gestapo. What a bunch of stupid fuckers. They’re aiding in the destruction of the world, led by a bunch of elite psychopaths.

    Mental illness is rampant in the upper ranks. Fear mongers, warmongers, hate mongers, morally, ethically and intellectually bankrupt personalities, people who have literally sold their souls for the entire world to see. We’re well aware these wars are based strictly on gaining total control of the finances and resources of every country and put under the control of Conservative bankers. (Zionists) The goal is to establish “corporate rule” and the total destruction of democracy.

    Conservatism is just another name for fascism. They love war. They crave war. They love having enemies and put a great deal of effort into creating them. They have a Master Plan, and anyone or anything that interferes with that plan is to be eliminated. They’re always pointing the finger at others to distract from their own nefarious deeds, claiming to be on higher moral ground, and labeling anyone who opposes them as terrorists, declaring war on them, and killing them. They never negotiate or deal in honest diplomacy, because they’re terrorists, and terrorists don’t have the capacity for diplomacy, and they have no desire to negotiate with anyone. They must follow the Master Plan.

    These financial terrorists, Conservatives and their bankers, own the Military Industrial Complex as well. They are the shareholders of war, the architects of horror. War is a very profitable business, and Conservatives don’t give a damn about the human casualties, just profit and power. Psychopaths rule the world.

    So much for the Zionist New World Order; If the world is ever to be united, it won’t be under fascism. That’s a psychopathic fantasy, impossibility. Humanity is evolving beyond the unsustainable madness, hatred, fear and division you preach. We’re aware Stephen Harper.


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